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Famous ski places recommended

2018-03-20 04:48:46

Winter is coming, and it's time for a ski dip. What are the famous ski resorts? This article tells you.


Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort is the warmest natural ski resort in the world because it is closest to the equator. The most important thing is that it is about 4500 meters above sea level, there is snow in all seasons, and you can ski when you go, which is a place where many skiers like to challenge.


The second ski resort has perfect tourism service facilities, there are a lot of novel skiing props, the most fun to the number of dog sledding, if you have not played, you must try. The second ski resort also has a lot of ski instructors, is a beginner's paradise.


Long if you want to soak, then long must be the first choice, here is the high heat, known as "God water", in the winter wind comfortably lying in the pool watching the snow floating, must be very enjoyable.


Ao has its own ski resorts and, if you want to do both, then this is the best place for you. And it's divided into radon and sulfur. Radon water is known as the "noble", and radon elements have cosmetic effects. How's it going? Did you feel?

Matters needing attention

When traveling, pay attention to personal safety.


It's best to book a hotel before you go in case you can't find a place to stay.