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Fault analysis and solution of shot blasting machine

2018-04-14 04:48:45

Q69 series steel plate and profile shot blasting machine is suitable for surface rust removal of steel plate, profile and structural parts in ship, automobile, rolling stock, machinery and other industries.


Through shot blasting machine


Special indoor grille plate for shot blasting machine


Due to the removal of the bottom shot blasting device, it is necessary to install a 14mm thick wear-resistant protection hole plate in the shot blasting section to protect the bottom, prevent large particles from falling into the bottom spiral, and facilitate the operator to pass and avoid personnel falling.


Install a 4mm punching plate (aperture 8mm) on the bottom surface of all grilles to prevent large particles from entering the bottom spiral.


The width of both sides of the original manual cleaning room is enlarged by 800mm, so that there is enough working space on both sides after the large workpiece enters the room, which is convenient for shot peening and cleaning


The damage of the protection plate in the main throwing room is protected by rolled Mn13 wear-resistant protection plate, and the protection of 5mm black wear-resistant rubber plate is used in the manual cleaning room


Cancel the four shot blasting devices at the bottom and two on the side, and replace the remaining 10 shot blasting devices with high-flow Q035 shot blasting devices with a single motor power of 22KW. In this way, the original shot circulation system of the equipment also meets the flow requirements of 10 large shot blasting devices. Ten shot blasting machines are used to blast the top surface and one side of the workpiece, and then the other two sides are cleaned after the workpiece is turned over.

Matters needing attention

It must be operated after the machine is completely powered off


It must be operated by professional personnel