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Fellow women, do you know the skills of purchasing bags?

2018-01-05 08:00:00

Relatively speaking, the bag is now not only the decoration of life, but also shows a kind of fashion, a kind of artistic performance, therefore, for women, the bag is not more, but in the fine. Everyone knows that bags are essential items for women, and every woman has a lot of bags, but do you really know how to choose bags? Especially in the purchase of some expensive bags, we must choose to buy a good price. After buying back leather bags how to nourish it, it seems that how to choose a bag is a very deep knowledge. So today, the small edition of the fashionista will answer how to choose a bag for you and the skills of buying a female bag.


Women's bag


But usually women are very entangled when buying bags, especially simple bags, what style to buy, what kind of leather is the best, how to pick a good leather and the right price bag?


First of all, before buying a bag, we must first understand the quality of leather. The price of a bag is partly determined by its leather. The skin peeled from the plant, the hair removed and the skin tanned, is called leather. The skin peeled off the plant will decay in a short time, but the tanned skin will not change and become water and heat resistant leather.


Then we must adhere to the concept of "looking at the brand of leather, not the brand of bag" to buy bags, and the brand of leather is the most important in the purchase of bags. Italian leather brands and French brands can be borrowed. They are all leather that has passed strict environmental regulations and is free of carcinogens and environmental hormones.


Next comes the lining. Bags lined with soft suede can increase scratches caused by the outside contents; The end of the needle and thread should also be carefully looked at, lining, locking, buckle, etc., to see if it can be manufactured with high-grade materials. The use of lining and sewing finishing shape, YKK lock, just look at these three points can also choose a durable leather bag.

Matters needing attention

We hope to help our female friends choose their favorite bags