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Female and male friends, after marriage, how to deal with this feeling?

2018-03-31 19:12:51

After marriage, there will be a lot of complicated problems with heterosexual friends contact, usually eat and chat to be seen by lovers inevitably there will be misunderstandings, so it is best to introduce your heterosexual friends to your lover, go out to parties to chat and sing, etc. And energizer and opposite sex friends have a certain distance, if your lover is absolutely assured and trust you, then you should also handle the relationship well, Energizer is not drinking together, because drinking is prone to special circumstances, there are some people more depressed, said they have fallen in love with their opposite sex friends, what to do? Here I advise you, you are playing with fire, it is best to put out the fire in your heart, even if you really love her, but also to keep that word in mind, love a person does not mean that must be together, as long as the other side is good enough. When you are still single, the heterosexual friends around you are relatively casual, usually what happy things, sad things can talk to each other, take each other as their confidants, but in the contact you should warn yourself in your heart, she and he are just my friends, we are friends for life. The only way it won't ruin you is if you keep it in your head. In life, we may have this situation, usually a very good relationship, nothing to talk about, but when your heart has put each other in their own hearts beyond the position of friends, the problem appears, you have fallen in love with each other, but because of the face did not say it, when you eat together when drinking too much wine, you may confide in each other's thoughts. Maybe when you wake up, you can't feel it, and slowly find that your relationship is getting farther and farther away, and then regret has finished, so when dealing with heterosexual friends, even if you like each other, you should bury the idea in your heart, because maybe in the other person's heart has always put you as a friend, no other ideas, you break the window paper, the relationship is broken,