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Final Fantasy 12 illustrated Guide A-2

2018-04-02 00:00:50

The CHAIN system is shown in the figure, the number in the lower right corner is the CHAIN system as long as the enemy is the same (as long as the same race is good...). Continuous kill will appear, do not kill other enemies in the middle, for example, you kill the Wolf will always kill the Wolf, so the CHAIN will continue to rise, once you kill the cactus CHAIN will be broken. CHAIN is a system that improves the quality of loot, and when the CHAIN accumulates to a certain level, certain loot will be dropped. For example, to kill the most basic Wolf monster, it is estimated that the wind stone can only be played at the beginning, and the probability is not high. When you kill two or three wolves in a row, the chance of dropping the wind stone goes up significantly. After killing 8, new items will be dropped, which are generally rare and sell at a high price. Continuous kill streaks will increase the chances, and the quality of loot will also increase.


After talking to get the Yin stone, to help the master boy return to the sun stone (help himself ~) from the right side out there is an orc in the clearing of soldiers, after fighting with him, he will give the protagonists good magic ~ This kind of NPC should have many more in the future.


Take the Yin stone to the glowing crystals around the Giza grassland to absorb energy, to suck 4 times, each scene has a crystal, walk around the Giza Grassland.


After all the absorption of the sun stone, hand it over! After the event is completed, you can return to the King City, at the gate of the King City Penelope leaves the team. Return to the old man's home, give him the sun stone, and then go to the sewer (see map)


Sewer monsters are mouse bats, although relatively weak, but a large number, do not want to fight and hold R2 all the way to run, anyway, there is no valuable treasure. The stairs at the end will ask whether to enter twice, because there is a long battle without supplies after entering, so no confidence will return to the city to practice. After entering, he successfully sneaked into the palace party, blocked by guards at the stairway, and pressed the key to talk to the nearby orc crooked businessman, the guard led out, and rushed into the face.


It's a fake MGS on the second floor. From the first leg of the vertical press the mouth button to draw the guards down, and then draw them down one by one. In the middle of the road there is a mechanism, using props can open the secret passage.


The secret passage is at the top of the vertical road, so we're going to lead the guards down one by one. Don't worry, they're only part of the way. They won't chase the main character.


There is no map after entering the secret passage, the door at the end cannot be opened, and feel the nearby wall to find the switch.


After opening the door, the protagonist begins to steal things... A lot of CG and drama, and it all goes down the drain. Dig deeper at Watergate's SAVE point and meet your first real BOSS.