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Finance in collection

2018-01-01 08:00:00
When it comes to collection, it is usually considered to be the "patent" of some big names in the art world or people with strong economic strength, and ordinary people seem to be absent. In fact, collection also needs financial management, as long as you have a certain economic foundation, have such a hobby, integrate into this circle, in order to hide and raise, reasonable financial management, you can play "wind and water".

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In the collection team in the capital, the working class collectors account for a considerable proportion, but this part of the people have limited spare money after all, if the collection is only in and out, it may cause financial difficulties. Collecting by collection is the best way to collect money and enrich the collection, but to achieve collection by collection, there are many skills to pay attention to.


Putting excess copies on the market and concentrating financial resources to buy their own missing items is a "financial management" method often used by many collectors. There are more copies of stamps, coins, sparks, smoke labels and other collections with a certain circulation. This kind of collection contains investment, and it is only a matter of time before the replicas are sold. The duplicate goods can be sold, and the proceeds realized can be used to buy their own lacking goods.


Some beginning collectors, the hands of the collection is mostly low value, low level of general goods, after a period of time, you will find that the number is easy to increase, but it is not easy to fine, and too much will make you worry about no place to put. Therefore, with the increase of the collection and the improvement of appreciation ability, we should take the method of eliminating the coarse and the fine, transfer the things we don't like, sell the general products, receive the fine products, and handle it well may be able to "Midas touch", and have a lot of benefits. In this way, you can concentrate funds and invest in high-quality products with great appreciation potential, accumulate slowly over time, small collections become large collections, crude collections become fine collections, and make your collection grade continue to improve and your collection grade continue to improve.


The collection should have a sense of quality, and the collection is not expensive, which is the personal experience and consensus of many collectors. Practice has proved that although the price of high-quality products is higher, its value-added potential is large, and some high-quality products are extremely rare, as time passes, missed opportunities, regret too late.

Matters needing attention

At present, many collection websites, newspapers and periodicals around the country have published collection exchange notices, and some enthusiastic Tibetan friends have also compiled pamphlets to provide convenience for mutual exchange between Tibetan friends.


The exchange can be carried out in the same kind of collection, or in different kinds of collection, with their own redundant collection in exchange for their own missing items. Exchanges are most commonly used in mass-based collections, such as sparks, stamps, postcards, door coupons, tickets, etc.