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Flying crane star flying sail milk powder how to distinguish true and false

2018-03-16 19:12:57

Feihe Star Feifan is a new product of Feihe infant milk powder, then how to distinguish the true and false milk powder when buying the product? Let's take a look.


Milk powder can


Milk powder


At the bottom of each can of milk powder, there is a product security code similar to the two-dimensional code, which can be scanned to show the production information such as the origin and production time of the product. Moreover, there is a product traceability code at the bottom of the milk powder packaging. You can dial the traceability code in the official newspaper to check the authenticity of the milk powder through the official.


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The milk powder packed in small bags is rubbed back and forth with the fingers, and the powder is delicate, with no obvious small particles and small crystals, and will be accompanied by a subtle "hissing" sound when kneading. The fake milk powder replaces the whey protein in the genuine milk powder with sugar, and the sugar particles and crystals are more obvious; When kneading, there will be an obvious rough feeling, and the sound will be more obvious "rustling" sound.


Flying crane star flying fan of the real milk powder in the opening of the package, there is no or light frankincense. Fake flying crane star flying fan milk powder will have a very obvious flavor, mother should be very obvious to feel it.


A variety of nutrients are added to the milk powder, and the milk powder dissolves slowly; And the taste is sticky and glutinous, easy to stick to teeth, there is a sweet smell to talk about; The fake Feihe Xing Feifan milk powder dissolves quickly, and the texture of the milk powder is relatively clear, milk quality and good acid milk beverage. And the taste is fresh, non-stick, has a very obvious sweet taste.

Sum up

1. Look at the packaging of milk powder cans and the color of milk powder. 2. Look at the texture of milk powder and smell the smell of milk powder. 3. Taste the quality of milk powder.

Matters needing attention

When purchasing milk powder, try to buy real products to avoid buying fake products to damage the baby's body.


There is no way to imitate the quality of milk powder.