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Food welfare, the most complete food guide

2018-03-23 16:00:56

Foodies are always on the road. A friend who is both a fruit powder and a foodie hears that "kidney 7" is going to come out, and can not help but shiver. No money and want to eat food, how to come, 20 pieces of food guide to help you


District WOWWOO Bear Hong Kong snacks recommended reason: the use of Hong Kong raw materials, authentic taste, may be the most authentic Hong Kong traditional food, definitely worth recommending! Octopus balls, curry fish eggs, bowl wings... All are made by Hong Kong chefs, to ensure that the flavor is authentic enough, go to the King Square shopping must try! Photo /Nicole Per capita consumption: 18 yuan Address: No. 26, Jiaochang West Road, Diwang Square, negative second floor


Jurong dumplings recommended reasons: a specializing in selling dumplings, dumplings up to 16 kinds of flavors. The product looks good, the flavor is unique, and many of the fillings are original recipes. It is deeply hidden in a small alley on the temple right New road. Every day at the meal, there will be a long queue of people waiting for orders, allele dining. By 6-7pm, all the food will be sold out. So, buy before it's too late!! Per capita: 20 yuan Address: City Siyou new road Siyou second Ma side No. 4 shop (near Wuyang Middle School)

Method/Step 2

District Chen Add Kee (fifteen Fu three lane) recommended reasons: signs on the sale of three things: cool fish skin 22 yuan, boat porridge 7 yuan, pig sausage powder 3 yuan, in Baohua Road, an inconspicuous alley into the side, hidden such an old brand, table stool in the alley. But there are people in a constant stream from morning to night, you can see...... The degree of both the fish skin is really "no bounce", cool and smooth, and then with the sweet sauce, no smell at all, perfect! It is worthy of the time-honored signature dish. You have boat boy porridge with full material, pot to cotton and soft, the more you eat more west Guan flavor. Per capita: 19 yuan Address: No. 59, Baohua Road, District, 15 Fu third lane into the second gear

Method/Step 3

District cook husband beef brisket powder recommended reason: In the district Baogang Avenue, a not very attractive, can be said to be the most authentic you have eaten, in addition to the beef brisket beef mixed these classic snacks, there are beef bones, beef bone soup, cattle hoof, these other places rarely can eat. Per capita consumption: 15-20 yuan Address: No.5, Xingyuan Street, Baogang Avenue, District (across the street from GuangbaiXinyicheng Green Pavilion Cafe)

Method/Step 4

Area material according to recommended reasons: If it is Chaoshan people, see "material" two words will be very want to enter it. It is hidden in a corner, covered by green trees, is a Chaoshan snack with a bit of old wooden house breath. Handwritten menu is very lovely, are some Chaoshan people in the hard to find authentic Chaoshan snacks. Per capita: 20 yuan Address: No. 29, No. 105, Liuyun First Street, Tianyi Road, District


Recommended reasons: eat hard, endure boring, bully pretty. In order to restore the taste of their hometown, three post-80s college students resolutely quit their jobs in the world's top 500 companies, made delicious food with their hearts, and deposited their homesickness in other places. The shop is small, but it has everything. Crowds of customers come from far away to taste the rare authentic fish meal and gravy. Per capita: 20 yuan Address: District Tianyi Day Walk Street (No. 105, No. 8, Liuyun Second Street)

Method/Step 5

District Sanqin know taste food recommended reasons: Talking about what immediately thought of! 1,2, 3 Terra-cotta warriors! nonono! Street! A little close! Is it... A snack? Congratulations, you got it right! Where can I have authentic food? The raw materials are from the distribution, all the production is purely handmade! The meat bun here is fragrant and crispy, and the aftertaste is endless. In fact, there are many kinds of Rou Jia mo, but want to eat authentic, or to come here. Per capita: 20 yuan Address: A12 Tianrui Business, just opposite Walmart, Wanda Plaza, District

Method/Step 6

The signature "dragon essence tiger fierce", abalone skirt, strap skirt taste, chewing head, with a unique seafood flavor, the material is very sufficient, there is a lot of longan meat, the more the better. Huarong Moon appearance: The taste is relatively light, fragrant, visually visible a large grain of flower glue, the entrance is soft and smooth, there are fungus, drumstick mushroom so "supporting roles", healthy food, with it is very, not too thirsty after eating. Per capita: ¥25 Address: No. 13, District Bridge Road (diagramming opposite Da Bei Road)


Good face (cattle) recommended reasons: Although the face, is famous for cattle, hidden in the streets of the community, it is difficult to find, the specific location is behind the building on the north road, the streets inside the North Li Garden community. A small facade, but on the opposite side there is a good big venue for everyone to sit down and eat slowly, to tell the truth, the unique taste of beef, pepper anise taste slightly heavy D... Per capita: ¥18 Address: Shiqiao North Liyuan 7th Street (behind the building)

Method/Step 7

District Qun aunt private chef recommended reason: today, you can eat in the middle of the human touch of the traditional characteristics of snacks, the price will be to you laugh! Per capita ¥20 full to your wall walk!! Per capita: 18 yuan Address: Meige Garden, Jianshe Road, District (near Huayue Wine Jinmanfu)

Method/Step 8

Luogang District fairy taro family recommendation: on the first floor of Gadehui II, behind the door armrest ladder. Not so big, but there are so many people there during the day. It's amazing! Varieties and fresh taro fairy is similar, which can also let customers freely match, this is very humanized, if you can also add material. Inside the taro round, purple sweet potato round...... Also each smooth Q bomb, light sweet, and actually each can eat out, indicating that the round added real material. Usually eat under the fairy grass is fairy grass smoothie, this fairy grass is under the Xuan rice smoothie, quite special. Per capita: 20 yuan Location: 1 / F, Building B, Gaodehui, 193 Science Avenue, Luogang District (next to Meet Western Restaurant)

Method/Step 9

District pomegranate Mang Master Hong Kong style dessert recommended reasons: Jinzhou new dessert, the surface is slightly small, but the decoration is atmospheric grade, the mango coconut jelly here, the amazing taste has been unforgettable, the custard taste is relatively light, mango is cut, very good! Per capita: 24 yuan Address: No. 22 District Road (opposite)

Method/Step 10

District Zhou sister Luosifen recommended reason: after a while always want to eat Luolion powder. The taste is very authentic, the side dishes are rich, and there are such things as snail and duck feet. Favorite is spicy radish boy to eat, if the variety is more good. A serving of screw powder is full of ingredients: green vegetables, sour bamboo shoots, peanuts, and something you don't know by name, a bit like gluten, and sour bamboo shoots. My mouth is watering thinking about it! Per capita: 13 yuan Address: City Avenue traffic square Fengyan North Street 37 shop

Matters needing attention

In the busy city life, you may wish to leave yourself a little time, quietly find an exclusive restaurant shop, a person to savor the sweet, sour, salty and spicy...