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Foot bath, massage the correct way

2018-04-05 03:12:10

There are many acupoints on the feet, and the health of the feet reflects the health of the human body. Regular foot bath and foot massage can promote blood circulation, enhance body activity and supplement nutrients, regulate the nervous system, and promote good health.


Foot bath: the temperature of the water is kept at about 40 degrees Celsius, the water is more than the ankle, about 10 minutes, you can add some drugs according to the actual situation.


After the foot bath, apply moisturizing products, beat the outside of the feet with both hands horizontally, you can relax the leg muscles, hold one foot with both hands, massage in the instep until the whole foot is hot, you can promote the blood circulation in the foot.


Massage the heart of the foot: massage the left heart with the right hand, massage the right foot with the left hand, alternating until the heart of the foot is red and hot. Helps the body excrete. The movement should be consistent, can not stop, massage speed first slow and then fast.


While massaging your feet, let your toes move freely and turn around more. Regular exercise of the big toe can improve headaches and sleep, increase appetite, massage the little toe can correct the position of the woman's uterus.


Massage the acupoints on the feet, paying attention to the joints of the middle finger and index finger. Pressing the foot side with both hands can improve the body's immunity.


There is a foot point called Zusanli, acupuncture and massage at this point can prolong life, and hand massage at home can also play a very good role.