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Four experiences of Hetian jade collection

2018-01-01 06:24:00
With the rising price of jade seeds in Hotan and the reduction of market supply, many collectors began to collect new jade in Hotan. However, experts remind that the new jade collection should pay attention to the quality of the main, in the new, strange, excellent four aspects of good, so as to obtain greater benefits.

"New" means innovation in the process. To choose a jade collection with innovative breakthroughs in the process. The traditional theme of jade is more common in the market, and the expression method is also more similar, and the modern aesthetic taste is different. Creative works have a strong sense of The Times, and can be accepted by the market, and the appreciation space is naturally not small.


"Strange" is related to the selection of materials and ideas. This requires jade carvers should be good at according to the natural shape and material of jade, in terms of design concept to be strange and clever, according to the size of jade, color, texture, texture to conceive and design. Jade has thousands of colors, thousands of materials, must be applied by the material in order to maximize the beauty of jade.


"Absolutely" means the material is good. If you choose top seed, its price is naturally expensive. The price gap between ordinary white jade seeds and top white jade seeds is huge, which determines the value of jade to a large extent. Therefore, as far as possible to choose a good seed made of jade collection.


"Excellent" refers to the high level of technology. "Jade is not polished," it can be seen that the level of craftsmanship is also critical. If the jade carver master a unique skill, others can not imitate, such jade is naturally in the market, its value is obviously higher than the average market level.