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Fun little game

2018-03-17 14:24:00

These two days, the more popular game is the travel frog, the first love frog to recommend some other fun games.


"Electronic pot Viridi", is a seemingly boring but very rich connotation of the classic alternative cultivation game, the electronic pot is planted succulent plants, POTS can be chosen by themselves, succulent can also be chosen, do not need very complex operation, just occasionally watering, pulling weeds, with the passage of time, the plant will slowly grow, just like the growth of plants in real life. Watching such a pot of plants grow gradually under their careful care, the feeling must be indescribable


"dancing line", a music game, players need to click on the screen according to the music to avoid obstacles, very challenging, the screen is very beautiful, like music games can go to try


"Paradise Road", the road Stars Path is a casual puzzle puzzle game, the game style is beautiful and simple, similar to the well-known puzzle game Monument Valley, the gameplay is really very different, prefer this kind of game players can try.


"See the Needle", the game screen is simple but the gameplay is novel. The player has a certain number of needles in his hand and must insert all of them into the spinning ball. Do not overlap and do not hit the needle on the ball


"Hero sad stick close", the screen is also relatively simple, the challenge game, can exercise the player's judgment, improve the player's agile thinking ability, the gameplay is also relatively simple, the gameplay is the same as the jump game inside, press and hold the button in the center of the screen to make the stick grow to the appropriate length, and then release the button, if the length is appropriate then continue the game, otherwise it will fail, This little game is like a predecessor to Jump One