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Fund trading must know common sense original fund has so many doors

2018-03-07 06:24:00

Fund transaction is a circulation and transfer activity carried out by the fund as the trading object and bearing the risk and profit by itself. If you understand the common sense of fund trading, then financial management is bound to fail, how to play the fund? It will if you know the common sense.


(1) According to whether the fund unit can be increased or redeemed, it can be divided into open-ended funds and closed-end funds. Open-end fund is not listed trading (it depends on the situation), through banks, brokers, fund purchase and redemption, the size of the fund is not fixed; Closed-end fund has a fixed duration, generally listed in the stock exchange, investors through the secondary market to buy and sell fund units.


(2) According to the different investment objects, it can be divided into funds, bond funds, money market funds, futures funds, etc. Purchase, including subscription, subscription, fixed investment, etc.; Selling includes redemption, liquidation, etc.


Fund transactions need to pay attention to: First: pay attention to opening a fund account for investors, always think that they can buy funds directly. But for closed-end funds and can be listed


In the case of easy ETF funds, they can be purchased directly on the secondary market. However, for open-ended funds, you need to open a fund account to purchase funds before you can purchase funds. For taking online delivery


An investor of YI may first open an account with one fund manager and then open an account with another fund manager by himself.


Second: Understand the fund transfer process For investors, in the process of investing specific fund products, there will always be a need for transfer due to changes in work places and other reasons. At this time, investors need to pay attention to is that the transfer and transfer of sales institutions must have the fund's marketing qualifications. Due to the current fund marketing channels more, this will bring great investment convenience for investors.


Third: Grasp the fund dividend modification program investors do not choose the dividend method before investing in fund products, and the system will automatically default to taking cash dividends. Similarly, the dividend modification on the fund's rights and interests day can enjoy the corresponding dividend service.


Fourth: Fund redemption can be flexible investors to redeem funds, can be carried out according to their own needs, both can be redeemed at one time, can also be redeemed in stages. However, when the net redemption application of the fund exceeds 10% of the total share of the fund in a single Open Day of the open-end fund, it will be considered as a huge redemption. When a huge redemption application occurs, the fund manager may postpone the remaining redemption applications on the premise that the redemption proportion accepted on the same day is not less than 10% of the total share of the fund.


Fifth: Pay attention to the risk test fund investment before you need to go to the channel operator counter to handle the relevant risk test procedures, so as to judge what type of fund products investors are suitable for. This is the homework that investors must do before investing. Only in this way can we avoid getting half the result with twice the effort.

Fund trading Hours:

1, ordinary purchase If you buy in the trading day (Monday to Friday's stock market opening time), you can generally see your purchased fund shares after T+2(T is the trading day of the purchase of the fund, +2 is 2 trading days after the purchase of the day). Reserve funds should be purchased during non-trading hours and are generally deferred to the next trading day.


2, fixed investment is to trade at the time selected by the customer, if the selected time is not a trading day, it will be postponed.