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Fund Trivia - What are the differences between in-market and off-market funds?

2018-03-07 09:36:00

Investment and financial management is more and more integrated into people's lives, today Xiaobian will help a, today Xiaobian teach you to distinguish the difference between internal funds and over-the-counter funds, so that you can be more measured on the investment road.


First, there is the distinction between on-exchange and off-exchange funds, which are divided according to different trading channels (that is, in different places);


The exchange fund is traded in the stock exchange, and the object of our trading is other buyers and sellers, buyers and sellers are opposite, just like going to the market to buy food, there are many vegetable stalls, you want to go to which booth to buy, you can go to which one to buy;


Otc funds are traded outside the stock exchange and are called OTC funds; Buyers and funds are relative, just like going to the supermarket to buy food, go to the supermarket, you can only go to the supermarket to buy food area to buy;


Let's look at the second difference, the price of the fund: when trading funds in the securities house, just like we go to the vegetable market to buy food, different stalls will have different quotes, we may encounter the same green pepper, a price of 5 yuan, a 4.5 yuan;


If you buy or sell a fund outside the stock exchange, the price is fixed, and there is only one price a day. We go to the supermarket to buy food, generally the same thing is only one price a day; This makes the fund easy to settle;


Finally, the third difference is the time of trading: either on or off the floor, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday; 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.; No trading on holidays;


When trading on the floor, you can only buy during the trading time, the day you buy, you start to confirm the share, and after buying, you start to calculate the income; For over-the-counter trading, you can buy all day long, but if you buy before 3 o 'clock on the day, you can confirm the share on the day, if you buy after 3 o 'clock on the day, you can confirm the share on the second day;


In addition, pit funds are more efficient when it comes to selling - a fund bought today can be sold the next day; If you are not in the market, you need to buy today to confirm the income on the second day, you can sell for the third day, you can sell after confirming the share of the day, the fourth day to the account, in short, you can not say withdraw. I hope it helps to share so much with you today.