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Fury of the Storm How does Jana put on something

2018-02-16 22:24:00

Some magicians are willing to give up the magic they have learned in pursuit of the raw power of nature. Jana is such a magician. An orphan who grew up in the chaos of Zuan, she first studied magic. Jana tries her best to protect the little creatures on the road. Although life for this... The hero explains that the wind girl's skills are not very dependent on equipment, even if the 0AP or economic development is not good, her skills can still play a good role in the group battle, and even in the late game. Point the shield to full as early as possible to protect the ADC principle, level 2 point a bit of Q is for the control mentioned above, about the ability of W earlier than Q is to gain higher movement speed to reduce the wind woman's reliance on shoes in the early stage... Rune recommended Red armor +0.91 X9; Yellow armor + 1.41X9; Blue Magic Resistance + 1.49X9; Purple 10 second money +1 X3. Very common tank to assist rune, the essence of 10 seconds of money is to make you faster out of the Sage Stone... With the support of the talent you will have 515 initial money, go out fairy talisman Fairy talisman, scout guard scout guard *2, really look at the guard really look at the guard, life potion life potion if there is no assistance on the other side of the eye, go out fairy talisman fairy talisman, scout guard scout guard *4, life potion life potion. Theoretically speaking, as an auxiliary, you need to make the repair knife, that is, you are 0 repair knife, for the equal line, that is, our opponent has not exploded heads down the road, nor has consumed too much blood, then push the line into the other side's range, You should go home with the ADC and replenish your equipment. Go home and continue to repair Scout Guard *2 or Scout Guard + Speed Boots and Sandals or Scout Guard + Regeneration Pendant Blood cards depending on the economy. Since the Wind Woman has a higher initial movement speed, blood cards can be preferred. When you go home again, synthesize the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone increases the drain power and increases the steady income - you should have 7G/10S of income. Then you should have the stone gold heart and the true and false eyes of the straw Sandals Sage in the time of the mid-group battle. If it is a long battle, I will choose to buy small pieces to accumulate a variety of auras, including the rhapsody of Shuya, the Legion of Holy Shield, the apostolic flag of Gique, the steel sun box or the Ancient Will Ancient to provide a variety of auras to the team to increase their role in the group battle.