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2018-03-07 22:24:00

1, noodles: 1) lane inside the "easy to remember" 2) lane to de hot pot opposite the "Xiedji" noodle shop 3) Qijiawan No. 2 or Da Pin Lane No. 1 "Li Ji" : beef noodles, beef gluten noodles, beef pot stickers, beef wonton, sauce beef, beef tendon, etc. 4) Small fire tile lane rice door No. 2 "Jun you remember old gravy noodle shop" : All kinds of covered noodles 5) Cultural Village (No. 7 Road) "Official noodle Restaurant" : three fresh noodles 6) "people" on the Royal Road Street or road: Cat ears, fried noodles, etc. 7) Fuzimiao Road 1 station off the bus station "Hua Wang Lou" various kinds of pot cover noodles, soup dumplings 8) 40 road bottom station Yangzhu Lane "Sihechun" 9) Road light tunnel into the Tong Jia lane there is a 10) South of the main entrance of the "folk old chicken soup noodle restaurant" 11) Mingwa Gallery "widow's noodles" 12) "Zhang Biezui cover noodles" at Shuimen 13) Six fresh noodles of "Yangmian Restaurant" 50 meters in the alley opposite Suyuan Building on Hongwu North Road 14) Jiqingmen 35 Road Station next to the alley "Jiqing Skin Belly Noodle Restaurant" 2. Pickled cabbage Fish: 1) Matai Street "Lao Ji" sauerkraut fish and next door triu Sibao 2) Wangfu Street Eagle Bright Palace alley inside "Yujuan" : Feichang hot pot 3) Xiaguan Xinmin Road "Jingke Sauerkraut fish" 4) Kangyi Garden Dai girls opposite "Jingke Sauerkraut fish" : Fish with pickled vegetables and Lion's head 5) The "boiling fish" in the east of the Sali Cake House on Changjiang Road: boiling fish and fried crab roe 6) The first restaurant in the alley opposite the hotel in the Yihe Shopping Mall next to the building 7) The "Sichuan Spicy Village" in the alley next to the Yang Department Store: Spring fish, five flavor tofu, 8) Beiwei Road on the "forget" 9) Road near the road "Lin's fish house" 10) Sanpai Lou "Hongling" sauerkrai fish 11) Pingshi Street "Spicy Village" spring fish, picnic cow (sheep) meat, ghost blood Wang, Halo bean flower 12) Changjiang Road on the fishing home file 13) Qinhong Station next to Sauerkrai fish 14) Road "small cool pickled cabbage fish" three, hot pot class: 1) The "Little Sheep" of Lu, Jin Runfa, 2) The "military personnel" of the General Staff Retreat of Kanhaifu Lane: Mutton and sheep scorpion 3) Changbai Street "happy home" 4) Hanfu Street food street in the "mother hot pot" 5) Xinjikou lane "to de" 6) Hongwu Road "Huiwang hot pot" 7) Wangfu Street "old woman malatang" 8) Lion Bridge and Wangfu Street Ya banquet small hot pot 4, lobster: 1) In the middle of the road between Confucius Temple and Dazhong Bridge, there is a bridge, diagonally opposite Lianhua supermarket at the end of the bridge 2) "Another village" 3) Street "Dragon Sister Lobster" 4) Street "lobster" 5) Road "Zhu Ji Lobster City" : Chicken with snail, little fish with pot stickers, Big Bone Soup 6) Xiang Jing Qiao next to "Yang four Lobster City" 7) Central 6 floor Asia's hand-held lobster 8) Yanggongjing Honghua Community opposite the East white garden next to "good bone lobster" 9) Maigaoqiao Huadian Road on the slope of the Lianhua supermarket "Cao" lobster 10) Youfuxi Street next to the radio station "Dashun Lobster king" 11) Chen Lobster next to Wulong Bridge on Ruijin Road 12) Barrel Lobster at "A Small Hall" about 50 meters inside Shifu Lane on the Street 13) Spicy lobster at "Hongbinjia" on Huadian Road on Maigaoqiao 14) Autumn Forest at Huiming Bridge on Xiaguan 5, Rice Noodles: 1) Miaoling Rice Noodle Hall on Yuanyuan Road: Potato pine is also very delicious 2) Wangfu Street on the opposite of the Golden Eagle "" rice noodles and road: boiled meat slices, boiled dried pig, boiled beef tenderloin 3) Chengxian Street opposite the court" rice noodles ": boiled meat, minced meat, beef, spicy chicken, boiled beef tenderloin, six, Korean food, Japanese food, Thai food: 1) Yongqing Lane" small grass house "2) Road" a chicken ": Seafood and scallion cake, Bibimbap, Fried rice Cake, Barbecued meat, Grilled chicken chop, fish, beef, Grilled eel 3) "Hometown House" and "Gold and Silver Snacks" in Jin Jin Street, NTU West Court 4) "Grandma's House" behind Jin Sili: Fried Rice cake, roast pork belly, Seafood tofu soup 5) Pai Lou Lane opposite Christine "Ke Jia Fu" 6) Road Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup: Chicken soup, eel 7) "Big Forest Food" on Wangfu Street 8) "The Source of Hao" on Wangfu Street 9) Han Wu Li in the alley behind Sanyoukou Road 10) "Jinhe Tai" : Fragrant leaf sago cake, fried shrimp cakes, signature curry meat and crab, seafood rolls, hot and sour boneless chicken feet 11) "Spring Xiangju" in the residential area across the road from the Sheraton Jinsili Hotel (the 13th road stop on the road to the east there is also 12 in the first alley on the right) "Gospel" near the Yijing Garden across the road from the Sheraton Jinsili Hotel: Roast Pork Belly, stone pot rice, laver rice, Kimchi soup, potato cake, Kimchi fried rice, Mixed seafood noodles, Kimchi soup noodles, vermicelli 13) "Han Yuan" opposite the Star Han Building opposite the Sheraton Kingsley: Korean cold noodles, nori bun rice, grilled squid, seafood pot, sweet potato cake 14) Japanese cuisine in Gunandu 15) Jinling Rice "Sakura Garden" : Tempura, soba, Udon 16) Underground "Japanese Kuzaku Ramen" : Kuzaku Ramen 17) Ben Jebi Seven at Shibashi, Marinated dishes: 1) Duck Head of Zhenbao-fang, Zhujiazhuang, Youxian Meidi 2) Crispy duck Head of Daxinggong Restaurant 3) Ziyan Baiwei Chicken: Baiwei Chicken, husband and wife lung slices, four pieces 4) Xiangfei Roast Chicken: duck head, roast chicken leg 5) Hubu Street (near the intersection of Sheepskin Lane) and Xiaohuowa Lane Xuelei opposite the entrance of the community: Jinjia's Pickled Duck Head 6) Duck Duck Restaurant on Zhujiang Road, Duck heart, Duck 7) Zimiao Dashiba Street, "Small Restaurant" eight: Chicken, noodles, soup dumplings: 1) Zhujiang Road opposite the Cyberport red gate "" : soup dumplings, fans delicious 2) Beiting Lane," Quanfu Lou Restaurant ": Soup dumplings, meat dumplings, cold noodles 3) "Yin's" soup dumplings found in Mochou Road, Lion Bridge, Sanpai Lou and Hui Street 4) "Hua Wang Lou" soup dumplings (made by the master of the original Jiming soup dumplings) at Fuzi Temple Road 1 Bus stop 5) "Old Hua You" Xiaolongbao at Wenwen Village (No. 7 Road) 6) "Three Stars Cake dumplings" : Only sold in the morning) chicken juice soup bag 11) North Gate Bridge there "Quanfu Lou wine" dish bag 12) Culture Village (No. 7 Road) intersection "Zhou Ji" duck blood fans soup 13) Lai Di, McDonald's next to the "golden soup duck blood fans" 14) "aftertaste" 9, mutton skewers, barbecue class: 1) The lamb kebabs and roast leg of lamb in the restaurant opposite the People's Theater 2) a lamb kebabs on Sanhu North Road 3) Lamb kebabs (roasted by an old couple) in Luciliu Bay 4) There is a roast in the building, near the Tontong Market, a residential area called Jizhao Garden 5) The "Western Region Restaurant" next to the south gate of Bayi Hospital: Lamb skewers, lamb chops, Big Plate chicken 6) Road "Muslim restaurant" 7) Yanling Lane 65 Green barbecue "Song Ji Green barbecue" : mutton 8) Road McDonald's roast beef tendon 9) Fuzi Temple "Mongolian barbecue" 10) Hanfu Street "Common People's barbecue" : Pork belly, fat cow, honey mutton, vegetarian chicken, rice cake, potato cake, fat cow, grilled squid, raw beef bibimbap, Korean cold noodles 11) Grilled squid under the Century edge of Fuzi Temple 12) Grilled squid at the residential area of Matai Street "Aftertaste" (an old and middle-aged man) 13) Iron plate squid in the alley next to Suguo, Ruijin Road opposite Romantic Pavilion wine 14) Xianhe Street "Unbeatable barbecue" 15) square "Fujia squid" 16) Road from North Road to West Road, after the T intersection (West bridge intersection opposite), on the left side of the road "Qu Le" : chicken wings, Changbian fish, fish 17) Fugui Mountain opposite the alley of the family barbecue stall: Chang flat fish, chicken wings, lettuce, etc. 18) Caixia Street gourd floor door barbecue: chicken wings, lamb chop ten, restaurant subcategories: 1) Road "sunny day" : Rice snail stuffed meat, palace dates, chopped pepper fish head, pepper duck fillet, salted egg chicken roll, salt baked shrimp, the world's first bowl, steamed clam eggs, Konjac sparerbs 2) "Lion King House Food stall" in Shiqiao Road 3) "Wanjia Huan" next to Hongqiao Station 4) Customs Wensi Lane Anzi Li a big stall "Anzi Stewed Beef three" : Stewed Beef three, spicy rabbit meat and spicy fish head 5) "Miao Village" in Hanfu Street Food Court: Steamed pork ribs, cured meat and sausage, dried beans, red sour soup, pickled vegetable pork, Jiaodai Shuangjiao, spicy chicken, bracken, Zaoergan (mixed noodles), millet hawthorn, sour soup back fish 6) "Tan Big Rice" in Xinjiekou 7) Jiangning Dong New Rice: Old goose, bone soup 8) Small fire tile lane or Hanfu Street snow thunder wine: Minnan Qianli Xiang, mouth water chicken, Qianli piaoxiang 9) Changfu Street "Bian's cabbage root fragrance" : pickled pepper bullfrog, pickled pepper cuttlefish, garlic puree white meat, garlic ribs, husband and wife lung slices, old jar, hundred years of soy sauce meat, chopped pepper fish head, vegetable root pork ribs, half soup mandarin fish 10) Chengge old lane "Small Dongtian" : Old Clam Huaizhu, Tieban wine roast chicken, pumpkin pearl soup, shredded potatoes, Salted egg yolk steamed tofu, Mung bean puree, hanging pot beef fillet, thirteen fragrant lobster 11) Ruijin Road "incense" wine: soup and small meat round 12) Doucai Bridge "Yunxiang wine" : Lion's head, roasted squab 13) Yu Dao Street and road "people" : Oily meat, braised lion's head, all kinds of noodles 14) "A small restaurant" in Shifu Lane, Street: Braised pork, stewed ribs with old horse vegetable, spring water fish 15) Street "Ziwei" big wine "Mongolian pot roast beef" 16) Bai Xia Road, next to the gate of the third Middle "Soup King" dish and old duck pot 17) Northeast Hot pot Dumpling House Northeast dish 18) Road Lion Bridge or Beiting Lane "Northeast stew" : Stewed Mushroom with Chicken, stewed vermicelli with Pork and Sour Cabbage, stewed Tofu with catfish 19) "Henry's House" Western restaurant 20) Weique Tiramisu Western Restaurant, Nanda West Garden, Lu Jinjin Street: German roast pork hand, lasagna, black pepper steak, cheese and wheat, Tiramisu, Italian lover roll cheese roast veal, all kinds of PIZZA, spicy squid 22) Wang Fu Street "Golden Eagle Restaurant" (eagle) : black pepper pork hand, double flavor mashed potatoes, beef pine, soup amaranth, egg yolk crab, crab roe soup bag 23) People's family: Old Duck Pot 24) "Zhang Sheng Ji" next to the book of Xinjikou: Old duck pot, meat, wind sand chicken, smoked fish, glutinous rice lotus root, lobster two eat 25) Zhonghua Road "Jintang wine" : papaya stew snow clam 26) Zhonghua Road "Greater China wine" : green bean paste, eggplant cake 27) Fuzi Temple wine: Sauce Duck Tongue, sauce beef 28) Hongwu Road "Red Beard Wine" : Bad yellow Croaker and glutinous pumpkin 29) Jinling Rice Xiangjiang Hall: Crispy skin seafood cup, fried flower slices, steamed grouper, Ao Long three food, shrimp dumplings, red lotus snow clam