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Gear box cleaning and maintenance machine installation and precautions

2018-04-14 06:24:06

Gear box cleaning and maintenance machine is a product developed to solve problems such as the iron filings at the bottom of the gear box during the friction process of large industrial transmission machinery. When the iron filings sink into the bottom of the gear box again during use, it will cause damage to the gear box and affect the service life of the gear box. So what problems should we pay attention to during the installation process? Let's take a look below


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2. The gear box cleaning and maintenance machine should be used in the corresponding working conditions, otherwise it may cause system damage.


3. Do not place hands and any external items in the chassis during internal operation, otherwise the system may be damaged.


4. The damaged equipment must be repaired before operation.


5. When handling, do not make the machine fall or tip over, otherwise it will be dangerous, please pay full attention to it.


6. Before lifting, please confirm the weight of the equipment according to the packing case, outline drawing, and sample. Do not lift the equipment that exceeds the rated load of the spreader.