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Geely Di Hao car key battery how to change the car key battery how to change

2018-01-04 14:24:00

A few days ago when driving found that the driving computer prompts the remote control key power is too low, to be on the safe side, I immediately went to the supermarket to buy a battery to do it myself, the following to tell you how to change the car key battery, I hope to help you.


Button battery model 2025


A word screwdriver


We must first separate the mechanical key and the remote key. As shown in the figure, there is a button marked with the key on the side of the key. Hold down the button and pull it outward to open the mechanical key.


As shown in the picture, we can see that there is a buckle on the connection surface of the mechanical key. The red circle in the picture marks the OPEN slot. We can insert the screwdriver or some tool that can be slightly hard into the slot and turn it (either clockwise or counterclockwise) to open it.


It should be noted here that this car key uses the "CR2025" model battery, not the "CR2032" model, the two models of the battery diameter is the same, but the thickness is different.


Then insert a sharp tool through the arrow and lift it up at the same time with a little effort to release the battery.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Then close the two halves of the housing and insert the mechanical key, so that the battery is replaced.