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Girls are insecure. What's a guy supposed to do

2018-03-03 00:00:00

Girls are insecure, what should guys do? When you ask a question like that, you must care what a girl thinks. Insecure girls are generally very sensitive, you should pay special attention to some details.


First of all, always actively care about her. More to find her chat, most of this kind of girl will not take the initiative to ask you what, but you can not ignore her, let her wild thoughts.


Second, keep your distance from other female friends and stay close to her. Your overly close relationship with a friend of the opposite sex may lead her to think that you are seeing someone else. Don't give girls the opportunity to be too jealous, share your daily life details and trivia with her, so that she will have a sense of intimacy, feeling with you all the time.


Then, give her some material security. To a large extent, a girl's sense of security depends not only on your attitude, but also on your ability. You have to work hard to improve yourself and make her feel like she can count on you and belong with you. Insecure girls become more and more dependent on you and can't live without you.