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Girls to anime recommended

2018-02-16 03:12:00

First, let's introduce a little girl to anime. Girls' animation refers to the animation with girls aged 12 to 18 as the main audience, and generally refers to the female animation with girl complex, aestheticism, beauty and love. Girls to not exactly equal to the reverse harem to (such as devil lovers, sentient beings, pranks, etc.), some fantasy, horror, science fiction can also be used as girls to animation (such as summer friends account, hell girl). The main audience for Girls to anime is young girls, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a male audience. Some classic girl anime also have a large male audience (such as NANA, Fruit Basket, Moka Girl Sakura, etc.). This is the end of popular science, here will recommend 8 different types of girls animation.

Comic introduction and recommendation

Sakura, aka Sakura, the Magical Girl. The anime is based on CLAMB's manga of the same name. The story is about the fourth grade primary school student Sakura Kinomoto, found a book in the basement of his home, and inadvertently unsealed, so that the cards in the book fly everywhere with the wind, and from then on Sakura and the wonderful creature Xiao Ke began to find the card story. The first animated series premiered in 1998, and a new transparent card episode was released this year. The first part of the picture even today looks very cute, not feel awkward. CLAMB is a very powerful group, every comic regardless of the subject matter, can draw very wonderful, creating a lot of great girl comics. It is a group of miracles (details are yours). In addition to "Sakura", its sister chapters "Winged Age", "Humanoid computer Angel Heart", "Magic Knight", "xxxHOLiC" and so on are very classic, word-of-mouth is very good animation, very worth seeing. Magic card girl cherry is the most famous work in the CLAMB group, a big reason should be the introduction of the year, accompanied a lot of people's childhood. But in addition, its own quality is also very good, compared with a lot of girls animation at the same time, its world view is larger, tells and implies more things. Very worthy to see the girl anime. (ps: The heroine Sakura is the first generation of the Meng King) pictures from top to bottom are comic version, main article, transparent card.


"Idol Declaration" is a very classic idol type of girls to anime. It is based on the manga of the same name by Elementary School Pavilion. Plot according to now look at some absurd, is probably the heroine moon island Shira pear because saved the handsome boy's pet and got a concert ticket, so a series of unfold, decided to become an idol story. It feels a little cliche to say this, but the content itself is still very interesting. Like idol + love to, you can see.


"Dream color cake Chef" a story of pursuing dreams + falling in love. This is the story of a woman who wants to become a pastry chef and transfers to St. Mary's College to pursue her dream. In addition to the pastry element, it also added the setting of the pastry elf. A classic story of success and love after hard work. But it's younger, not suitable for high school and soon-to-be adult girls. Girls who like pastries can check it out.


Fruit Basket was also adapted from the manga into an anime, which was serialized in 1998 by Nakazuki Takayya. Integrating the elements of the 12 zodiac signs, it has become a healing work with some supernatural fantasy wind. The plot is about, the woman dependent on each other's mother died because of a car accident, but had to move to the mountains to live, accidentally found the grass Mo family of hundreds of years of secrets (as long as the opposite sex embrace, will immediately change into the corresponding zodiac zodiac), grass Mo family when the family order, must eliminate know the truth of the small through the memory. But a word from Toh warmed their hearts, gave up the decision, and agreed to let her stay at Kuso's house. It is like a warm ray of light that changes the lives of the people in the family. The style of the cartoon is not necessarily acceptable to all people (the author has a hand disease), if it is acceptable, you can choose to take a look at this healing animation.


"Natsume Friend Tent" is a manga adaptation of the monster healing into the animation. Unlike Fruit Basket, its plot is more independent and complete, the audience is wider, and the main character is male. The plot is not much to say (the online introduction is very comprehensive), is the story of a teenager who can see the monster, each episode is a separate story. Very, very, very worth seeing!


AMNESIA is a reverse Harem animation adapted from the psp game. It tells the story of a woman who has lost her memory and is looking for it. In fact, the reverse harem to the game to change the animation has a better recommendation, such as "crimson owe film" "Bo Ying Ghost" and so on, I recommend this one of the biggest reasons, is its picture. Game painter Mrs. Flower Upe Dance's picture is really beautiful! Compared with animation, it is recommended that you play games, both the story and the picture of the game are much better than animation.


"The Weird Student Next Door" Campus x funny x love. Comic book change. Poker face female master because by the teacher please help male master make up lessons and by the male master as a friend, very happy campus love story.


"Yinglan College male Public Relations Department" is still funny + campus + love + diffuse change, but the setting and style of "Neighboring Seat" are completely different. Very classic funny girl animation, there are women dressed as men elements. The story is about the female master broke the male public relations department worth 8 million vase, in order to pay off debts, have to make money as a male public relations to repay. Although the story is cliche, but the plot is written very interesting, it is worth watching the animation.

Matters needing attention

There are many other excellent girls to animation, here it is not recommended. I hope you can find your favorite anime.