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Go on a bike trip

2018-04-07 14:24:53

A way to get on a bike and travel


Bicycle, helmet, magic bandana, riding gloves, backpack, flashlight, etc.


1. Bicycle. An entry-level mountain bike will do -- but it must be quick-detachable, and don't choose a bike with rear shock absorption. Giant ATX680, 740, C.Roc and Merida Warriors, Warriors pro, Duke are all good.


2, helmet, magic scarf. Common helmets are road helmets, mountain helmets and road mountain helmets. The helmet is preferably ventilated, light and comfortable to wear. Don't make do with the helmet, after all, you have to wear it all the way, so you should try it on yourself before buying the helmet, we Asians have a wide head, especially pay attention to the two sides of the head don't pinch uncomfortable. The magic turban is not necessary, but given its many "transformation" functions, it is really convenient to wear when riding.


3. Cycling gloves. The function of cycling gloves is to absorb sweat, anti-slip, breathable, and protect the palms and wrists.


4. Carry a bag. For long-distance riding, it is best to use a bicycle pack and secure it with an elastic rope with hooks at both ends.


5, flashlight or headlight, taillight. For safety reasons, wear a flashlight, headlight and taillight for both long and short distance riding.