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Go to Qiandao Lake Shanxikou travel guide

2018-03-20 01:36:34

First of all, Qiandao Lake, mountain and Xikou are all located in the province, of which Qiandao Lake is located, Xikou is located, and mountain is located, so the approximate suitable route is: - Xikou (first to)- Mountain (from to)- Qiandao Lake (to)




On the first day, you can choose the right train number from the departure to the high-speed train, about four hours to arrive, the high-speed train station to Xikou about an hour, a total of about 5 hours - Xikou direction specific route: 1, Hangyong Expressway - "Dayindaokou -" Zhilin - "Song Ao Village (accommodation, dining) -" Lubu Reservoir (boat, lake, Plum Island rest) - "Luting -" Four towns - "Xikou Town 2, 59 Provincial Road -" Dayin - "Zhilin -" Song Ao Village (accommodation, dining) - "Luting -" Four towns - "Xikou Town


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Xikou Thousand layer cake, one of the main specialties of Xikou, was founded in the Qing Dynasty by Wang Maolong. Yangtail bamboo shoot is another specialty of Xikou. It is famous for its delicious taste and is a rare delicacy. Taro head there is a saying that "run through three passes six docks, eat taro head" this is the true portrayal of this thing. All the people who come to know this thing, and have not been to the people also know this thing, which taste is self-evident. The bamboo shoots in Leidao Xikou Town are characterized by red shell, tender meat and unique taste. The producing area also aims at green and organic, and was rated as the city's famous brand products in 2001. Local famous dishes editor Rock sugar turtle, wok-cooked River eel, yellow croaker wrapped in rotten skin, moss vegetable small side roast, moss vegetable croaker and other famous dishes as well as pork fat gnocchi, golden gnocchi, crystal oil bun, bean paste eight Treasure rice, wine dumplings Main production methods Rock sugar turtle: Main ingredients: turtle (750g) Seasoning: Soy sauce (30 g) Spring onion (10 g) Rock sugar (30 g) Ginger (5 g) lard (refined) (40 g) Rice wine (25 g) Peanut oil (35 g) salt (2 g) Production process 1. Put the turtle on the back, wait for the head to stretch out, quickly pinch its neck with your fingers, pull it out, force the back shell and neck bone, and soak it in 90℃ hot water after draining the blood; 2. When the shell of the turtle is covered with white coat, remove the white film on the abdomen, legs and skirt in cold water, and brush off the black coat on the back shell with a brush; 3. Then open the stomach to remove the internal organs, cut off the head and tail, the tip of the Java, and then evenly cut into 8 pieces; 4. Put the turtle block into the pot to blanch, remove and wash, and tear off the blood tendon, spare block and butter; 5. Heat the wok with oil, add peanut oil, heat until 80% hot, add scallion and ginger slices to burst fragrant, push the turtle block (stomach down), cook into the rice wine Jia lid slightly braised; 6. Add another 750ml, bring to a boil for 3 minutes, then switch to a low heat cover and stew for about 25 minutes; 7. When the fish is soft and inelastic, add red soy sauce, refined salt, rock sugar, cooked lard, cover and stew for about 20 minutes; 8. Braise until the fish and skirt are soft and waxy, then switch to high heat to collect the juice, while shaking the pan, scoop up the gravy and pour on the fish pieces; 9. When the sauce is thick and thick, pour in the cooked lard, then heat the sauce over medium heat and shake the pan to mix the oil. Pour in the cooked lard and shake the pan to serve


Day 3: Mountain bus route: From to, South station or North station have to the coach, walk across the sea bridge about 45 minutes to, a lot of daily and then from Dingmen station by bus to Shenjiamen Banshengdong pier (about 40 minutes by car), and then by boat to the mountain (about 15 minutes). Mountain, and mountain, lofty, Jiuhua mountain and known as the Chinese Buddhism four mountains, is the Bodhisattva of Avalokiteshvara enlightenment of sentient beings. The mountain is a small island in the archipelago of 1390 islands, shaped like a dragon lying in the sea, an area of nearly 13 square kilometers, and the islands of Shenjiamen across the sea, known as the "sea and sky Buddha country", "holy land" said, is the first national key scenic spots. On May 8, 2007 (Ding Hai year), Shishan Scenic Area was officially approved by the state as a national 5A tourist scenic area. "There is a fairy mountain on the sea, and the mountain is in the void." The mountain has become a famous tourist resort at home and abroad for its magic, sacred and mysterious. Mountain is one of the first 44 national key scenic spots announced by The State Council, China's national 5A tourist attractions, Wenshan, sanitary Mountain, the province's only ISO14000 national demonstration zone. Attractions are: 10.1 Twelve landscapes 10.2 Lotus Ocean Crossing 10.3 Short Gu Holy Trail 10.4 Meiwan Spring Dawn 10.5 Pantuo Sunset 10.6 Night Moon 10.7 Fahualing Cave 10.8 Ancient Cave tide sound 10.9 Swell Day 10.10 South 10.11 thousand steps


Day 4 to Qiandao Lake. The car to the passenger, there are more than 20 classes a day to the car, basically the price is 85. You have to take B bus 4 to the West station to take the car, the first bus at 6 o 'clock, the last bus at 1:50 p.m., the basic one hour, the fare is about 44. The main scenic spot Qiandao Lake Town, is the seat of the province and county, is the county's politics, economy, culture, transportation, information, is also the national scenic spot Qiandao Lake location. Founded in November 1965, the main residents are immigrants from the Jiang Reservoir area, the initial name was Pai Ling Town, and it was renamed Qiandaohu Town in 1991. This is a young and beautiful one, and an old one. The whole city is surrounded by water on three sides, known as "a city of mountains and half a city of lakes" reputation, the town area of 356 square kilometers, jurisdiction of 17 administrative villages, 10 communities, population 100,000. Thousand Island Lake and Canada Ottawa more than 200 kilometers southwest of Kingston Thousand Island Lake, Xiandao Lake and known as the "world's three thousand island lake." 1.1 Mei Feng Guan Island 1.2 Peacock Island 1.3 Island 1.4 Qingxin Island 1.5 Oyun Dong 1.6 Tsim 1.7 Samtan Island 1.8 Osmanso Island 1.9 Tianchi Island 1.10 Moonlight Island (Wulong Island) 1.11 Main specialties of Yu Le Island: Dried fish Qiandao Lake is a "big warehouse" of freshwater fish, 94 kinds of freshwater fish do a variety of aquatic products. There are mandarin fish, Bream, silver carp, dry loach, grouper, stick fish, etc., all kinds of large and small fish in Qiandao Lake after drying or baking, made of all kinds of dried fish, or salty or light, some up to one meter, hung on the shelves of local specialty merchants, very spectacular, there are fresh fish after treatment, chopped into a section of sealed, put a year and a half are very fresh. Dried fish can be made into delicious food such as Bao Bao, which is deeply loved by people. Mountain green tea is surrounded by mountains, peaks, mountains, streams, clouds and clouds, diffuse light, lush trees, mountain bottom and valley differences, terrain changes and the temperature control effect of Qiandao Lake water produced multi-level vertical climate, so that hundreds of thousands of hectares of hillside land along the lake has become a valuable place for cultivating tea. Many high mountain tea gardens produce high-quality green tea, Jiukeng Maojian was listed as a tribute in the Tang Dynasty, it has more than 2,000 years of production history. Chen Ye of the Song Dynasty could not help but write the poem "I love to live in Xishan Zhuang County, the brocade is bright, the pheasant feather is light", he compared the Jiukeng Maojian to "pheasant feather", and the feeling of refreshing spirit after drinking "pheasant feather" is described as "light Xu", which is even more appropriate. In the 1980s, the new variety Thousand Island Jade Leaf was awarded the National Ministry of Excellent provincial products, and the Thousand Island Lake series of famous tea has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions and 22 provinces and cities. Hickory walnut, also known as small walnut, small walnut, is a unique and rare woody oil and dried fruit in China. Production accounts for 40%. Pecan is the "relic" of the plant world, only and have. Said it is valuable, because it is rich in oil, seed kernel oil content of up to 70%-74%, and the iodine price of oil, saponification price is high, acid price is low, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linseed acid and other unsaturated fat content of more than 95%, is a delicious and easy to be absorbed by the human body, can prevent coronary heart disease excellent varieties, The developer of Qiandao Lake takes walnut meat as the main raw material of various pastries, preserves, candies and other series of products, which are deeply loved by consumers. Kiwifruit Qiandao Lake is the largest county in the province, it is based on hills and mountains, so the wild fruit is particularly much, especially famous is the wild kiwifruit, it has the "king of fruit" reputation, rich in sugar, vitamins, organic acids, cancer and other medical effects. Such as the value of autumn, is encountering kiwifruit mature, Qiandao Lake streets and alleyways have inexpensive kiwifruit from the rural mountains to sell. Tang village no persimmon persimmon is a major specialty, Tang village no persimmon is the most famous. It is shaped big fruit beauty, crystal clear color, orange and red can be people, soft and juicy, sweet and delicious, can not eat the persimmon after peeling, cutting, smoking, drying and other procedures, can be made into persimmon, soft and sweet, is a good companion for home travel. Jujube bark jujube bark is a kind of precious Chinese herbal medicine, the appearance of bright red if xia, moistening such as beads, after boiling dry, is the best medicinal materials, it is rich in 16 kinds of amino acids, can cure enuresis, urinary frequency, spermatospermia, menorrhagia and other diseases, in the anti-AIDS, the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, there are obvious effects. Wild Kudzu powder Wild Kudzu powder is a traditional specialty. It is a pure natural wild starchlike extracted from the wild kudzu root in the mountains, and it was listed as tribute in the Ming Dynasty. The nutritional value of Kudu powder is very high, and there is a certain medicinal value: it can produce fluid and quench thirst, anti-inflammatory and detoxification, prevent summer heat and diarrhea, clear heat and moisten the lungs. The food of Kudzu powder is very convenient, just add the right amount of boiling water in Kudzu powder, mix well, you can eat, eat up smooth and smooth, fragrance Fen cheek, is the summer heat relief good, but also the elderly, pregnant women, children's ideal food. As early as the Qing Dynasty, tea garden dried bean curd is very famous, its production process is very particular, first finely ground shrimp and rock sugar, mixed into tofu, and then the tofu small pieces of compacted, boiled in chicken juice, and then put into a variety of spices in soy sauce soaking, take out the dry. Made of dried bean curd, brown, bright, tough and soft can roll, chewing with aftertaste. When the Qianlong emperor visited, after tasting this tofu, he was full of praise and appointed it as tribute. Until now, this dried bean curd is still printed with a "dry" word. Available at every farmer's market in Qiandao Lake. Papaya is mainly produced in the mountainous area near the border of Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province. Modern medical research has proved that the fruit of papaya contains flavonoids, vitamin C, malic acid, tartaric acid and a large number of organic acids. It is also rich in peroxidase, peroxidase and so on. Its "tiger bone papaya wine" is a good medicine to cure rheumatism and joint pain, waist and leg pain, vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pain, limbs convulsions, edema and other diseases.


After the completion of the play can be driven by Qiandao Lake, and then by transfer to, I wish you a pleasant trip!

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