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Going to the United States to give birth: the most common questions and answers to the United States Customs

2018-03-25 01:36:36

The mother who went to the United States to give birth is most worried about the problem of entering the customs, worried that the big belly will not be stuck and not let in, the little green mother sorted out the tourist or business visa (B1/B2 visa) to enter the United States, the customs most frequently asked several questions for the mother who went to the United States to give birth. Below is the Los Angeles Customs.


Are you a family? Or what is the relationship between you two? (more than one person will ask) Those who speak good English tell the official who is with you, "This is my mother, this is my wife, this is my husband."


What are you doing in the United States this time? If you ask what you're here to do, it goes without saying that you're here to travel. Someone may be on a business visa, so say I'm here for a business trip or a meeting.


How long will you stay in the United States this time? When asked how long you are staying, you will answer according to the itinerary of your return ticket. Remember: If you can answer in English, try to say it yourself, do not take paper things to the customs officials to see, one thing they do not like to see, two things take time, let you stay too long, easy to be found pregnant.


Do you have a specific itinerary? If you can't answer the specific itinerary in English, you can show him your itinerary, which cities you plan to go to, if you go to more cities, and there are tickets to prove that you will go to these cities, the greater the probability of passing. Because the more cities you travel, the more you're here to have fun. If you go directly to Los Angeles, and then the return ticket is also from Los Angeles back to China, you can say that I also plan to go to Las Vegas, old, San Diego and other places, because these places are very close to Los Angeles, you can go by car, not necessarily by plane, so there is no ticket evidence to these places can also make sense. But if you only have a ticket to Los Angeles and a ticket letter from Los Angeles back to China, you say you will go to New York, it may cause trouble, because Los Angeles is the most western part of the United States, New York is the most eastern part of the United States, as a tourist to drive across the United States to New York is certainly not realistic, and you do not have a ticket from Los Angeles to New York. So if you say you're going to New York, you're going to get new questions from the official, who's going to ask you, how are you going to get to New York from Los Angeles? Often at this point you will be nervous, if the answer is not credible, then the official will question you. Anyway, even if you're lying about the cities you're going to, you need to make it sound like it, because you can't make yourself a disaster without a plane ticket to testify to it. So if you say I'll just go to Los Angeles and not go anywhere else, it's not impossible, depending on whether the time of your return ticket is appropriate, assuming that your return ticket is one month or even two months later, then the official is likely to ask, have you been in Los Angeles for one month or two months? If you say yes, he'll ask more questions, "What are you doing in Los Angeles so long?" What kind of foreign tourists come and stay in one place for a month or two? It doesn't make sense. You can also answer that I have friends in Los Angeles, I am both traveling and visiting friends, which may lead to new questions from the officials, where does your friend live? What do your friends do? How did you guys meet? So, in short, before you come to the United States, you must design a seemingly reasonable itinerary and a corresponding stay time, so that you can't see any loopholes, coupled with the evidence of the ticket booking letter, you will be less suspected. If your booking letter and itinerary are irrelevant, and your answers are vague, how can officials not make it difficult for you?


Who is paying for your trip? Travel is their own commitment, business meetings say commitment.


Do you have any fruits, vegetables, etc.? Answer: NO.


Do you have more than $10,000 in cash on you? As long as you really don't have so much, you answer: NO. If you have more than that, answer truthfully. Naturally, the official has a new question, don't you know that you are not allowed to bring more than 10,000 dollars in cash into the country? What are you doing with all this cash? Let's wait. These questions are not difficult to answer. You can say that I made a mistake in counting, or that I did not understand the regulations of the United States. Sorry, etc. You can answer that I brought so much money because I wanted to go to Las Vegas to gamble, or that I wanted to go shopping, and my credit card cannot be used in the United States, so I can only bring so much cash. But still the same sentence, customs clearance as soon as possible, don't give yourself trouble, a little oversight is likely to lead officials a bunch of problems, there is no need to cause this trouble.


Have you ever been to America before? YES if you've been, NO if you haven't. In general, people with previous entry records are easier to get through. However, if you are too close to each other twice, you may be asked why you are so close.


Where are you staying in the United States? Show him the address on the hotel reservation. Hotel Reservation Form Hotels can be booked online.

Matters needing attention

Well, the above is the routine question, no you are not pregnant, no officials have found that you are pregnant, the above question is everyone will be asked, or that sentence, prepare sufficient and credible information is the most critical, answer the question to be calm, do not feel guilty, answer simply and quickly, try not to give yourself trouble, do not create complications.


It doesn't matter if you can't speak English. For the above questions, the officials have a booklet printed in Chinese, and he will show you which question he is asking. For the answer YES or NO, you simply say yes or no. For the question what are you here for, if you can't say travel or vacation, you just put a bunch of information in front of him. Then show him your itinerary. When asked how long you are staying, you point out the date of your flight back to China on the ticket booking letter, and they will review the information you have provided. It doesn't matter if you don't understand something really complicated. If you don't understand something, you just throw up your hands and shrug your shoulders with a smile or say "Idon't know" or "Anyone can speakChinese" and he will call a Chinese-speaking official to translate for you. Do not clearly understand, there is no answer to YES YES YES, then you are very likely to self-defeating answer wrong. You are a foreigner, it is normal that you do not understand their language, do I have to take the English test of level 6 or Level 8 to travel? Can every American who goes to China become a Chinese language teacher? So it's normal not to understand, just calm down and smile.


The whole process of questioning you do not have to be nervous, you have to remember that you have a legal visa to arrive in the United States, to travel legally, they do not have any evidence to prove that you are plotting, they will not put you how, must not panic, do not mess up. Composure is overwhelming.