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Gold collar happy world play introduction

2018-03-20 09:36:00

Golden Collar happy world is located in the province and other provinces and cities to attract visitors. Many parents brought their children. Because of the design of the facility, it also appeals to photography enthusiasts. Golden Collar Joy World is a super large scale creative amusement theme park, the current phase has opened. Inside the use of today's most advanced science and technology, the modern computer, automatic control, digital simulation and simulation, digital film and television, audio-optical special effects technology and art perfect combination. Golden Collar Happy World has five theme areas such as Golden Collar Square, Dream Theater, Children's Paradise, Golden Collar Water World, five dynamic theaters and three high-tech theaters, as well as more than 40 other participatory Tours. Here you can feel the brilliant history of culture, experience the dynamic stimulation of space travel, explore the fantasy and magic of three-dimensional digital movies, and enjoy the happy feast brought by the high-tech cultural industrial park. Jinling Happy World theme park with local culture as the main line, with high-tech as the means of expression, not only carries forward the distinctive local culture, but also makes people enjoy the magic and happiness brought by high-tech, the perfect combination of science popularization and amusement, and encounter teaching in music. Rich in content, it is the best place for tourists of different ages to enjoy! There are mainly magic theaters that bring together myths and legends and real people and events to show the city's profound cultural accumulation and long history; Secondly, it is both informative and interesting, suitable for all ages, family leisure, and full of family affection; At the same time to meet the young people's pursuit of excitement, individuality and even full of rebellious needs of exciting, beautiful, exciting and dying projects; Finally, the most competitive project in the world of Golden Collar joy will also be the most popular project! All in today's China's top high-tech as a means of expression, with independent intellectual property rights. The park has chosen the exciting and exciting adult 4D dynamic theater that reflects the instantaneous shift of time and space, the leading 5D ball screen theater that makes people lose themselves and does not distinguish Yin and Yang, and even the world's second most amazing, climax, and experience the cycle of life and death. The whole project integrates eating, living, playing, traveling, music, popular science, performance, etc. It is a large-scale theme park with high grade, high-tech, full of dreams, strange, exciting, and vigorously promoting national culture to meet people's growing cultural needs.

Play item

Children's kingdom Ruby Joy Palace through three-dimensional imaging technology, with smoke, bubbles, lightning, snow, water spray and other environmental special effects, so that cartoon characters really come out from the screen, go to the front of visitors, make the heart out, eyes into the camera, tongue out into the face of visitors and other funny actions, to achieve real-time interaction between cartoon characters and the audience.


Water amusement disaster experience island through the international leading high-tech wind and wave manufacturing technology, combined with high-tech sound and photoelectric special effects, let the waves directly hit the tourists, the wind and rain oncoming, reproduce the "tsunami", "tornado" and other natural disasters of great shock, so that tourists immersive, get education in the experience, get experience in education. The project integrates science popularization, education, entertainment and experience, so that tourists can fully understand natural disasters and the huge damage caused by them, and enhance people's awareness of disaster prevention and reduction and environmental protection.


Dream Theater is a large stage performance theater of the type of fees, the theater stage is jointly built by the Asian Games stage design team, the width of the table is 30 meters, is the largest theater in China so far, can accommodate 2600 people. After completion, it will be used to perform a large-scale historical and cultural stage play - "Eternal Love". The creation of "Eternal Love" is based on the historical culture, local customs, myths and legends as the prototype, the whole stage play is divided into five chapters - "Gao Tao Ode", "Chu Han Wind", "Feishui Battle", "landscape Fu", "Gao Cheng Ode". The script will reproduce the humanistic and historical elements, and at the same time bring the audience into a new cultural atmosphere experience journey through modern high-tech sound and photoelectric special effects. Performance of the real effect beyond the "impression" series. Through the combination of real performances, real props and modern phantom imaging technology, the dream theater tells the legendary story of the hard-working ancestors who overcame various evil forces and discovered and passed on the historical famous tea "melon slices". In the film, fairies, goblins and ancestors will interact with the audience at zero distance, giving the audience a real feeling of emptiness and reality.


The high-tech dynamic cinema system of the project uses a huge spherical screen with a diameter of 22 meters installed vertically to tightly surround the audience. When the film is shown, the high-tech walking facility pushes the six-degree of freedom suspended dynamic seat (simulated aircraft) to the focal plane of the hemispherical screen. In line with the content of the film, various movements such as front and back, left and right, lifting and lowering are synchronously made, and olfactory and tactile stimuli are synchronously provided to bring the audience a strong sensory impact, so that the audience can pass through the clouds with the spaceship in the film and overlook the earth. There are resurrected mummies, the majestic temple of Zeus, the romantic sky garden, the stretching Great Wall, ancient Greek Colossus and other brilliant ancient buildings, allowing visitors to understand the brilliant ancient civilization in the strange experience of time and space. Planet Tour -5D Cinema is the only ride that I own my own intellectual property. The new ball-screen dynamic theater system of the project is a perfect combination of the first-class six-degree-of-freedom dynamic cockpit system with modern projection technology, sound and photoelectric technology, leading visitors to enjoy the infinite charm of mysterious space in the vast universe. Close observation of beautiful ion nebulae, burning hot stars, magnificent meteorite ice, terrifying wormholes, let the audience in the virtual and real interlacing call, shout. The six-degree-of-freedom dynamic cockpit system adopted by the theater is a motion platform with the highest degree of freedom and the strongest simulation. Through the operation of the platform, it can realize the up and down, left and right, front and back and phase combination movements at any Angle in the space range. Time Trip -5D Cinema is the only amusement project that I own intellectual property rights. The biggest difference between the project and the 5D 6-DOF dynamic Cinema - Journey to the Planet is its standing platform system. The standing platform system can provide the audience with real real-time acceleration signals, so that the audience can not help but appreciate the pleasure of flying through the air, the terror of falling from the air and the virtual life that is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The film leads visitors from the golden world of joy, through time and space, to experience the profound historical and cultural heritage, from the humble era of Gao Tao to the red Revolution, from the old county of Chu and Han to the suspense, from the first peak of the Dabie Mountain to the Wanfu Lake, the history and landscape of West Anhui will jump into one by one. Let visitors in the time and space replacement of the thrill to understand the rich heritage of local culture. Unicorn Forest -4D cinema tells a fairy tale that takes place in the forest, unicorns "Andy" and "Ruby" from the unicorn kingdom to the vast forest, helping the weak animals to defeat the evil invaders, thus maintaining the forest harmony and justice story; The cinema adopts 120-degree global projection technology, and is equipped with 4D dynamic seats and modern sound and photoelectric technology, giving visitors a real experience, making people feel like being in the forest, fighting alongside "Andy", "Ruby" and many small animals. Deep Sea Crisis -4D cinema takes the anti-terrorism war between the national special forces and K organization as the trigger of the story plot, with the help of humans and mutated octopus, starfish, jellyfish, giant sharks and other aquatic animals to show the murderous war in the deep sea, rendering the atmosphere of terror. At the end, the deep sea battle subsided, symbolizing the importance of harmonious coexistence between humans and other species. In the special effects environment of 4D cinema, the audience will follow the camera to experience the bloody fight with octopus, the thrill of being thrown out of the water by starfish, the fear of melting jellyfish and the suffocation of being swallowed by sharks. After watching the film, I realized that a harmonious life is the foundation of happiness.


11 Ring Roller coaster - The design height of the project is 40 meters, the track length is 1000 meters, and the area is more than 14,000 square meters (220 meters *65 meters), which is one more ring than the world-famous 10 ring roller coaster in Chielong. Second only to the 12-loop rollercoaster under construction in Brazil. The 11-loop coaster consists of a total of two traditional loops, two auger, a serpentine roll and five line rolls, one of which is set before the pit brake. The hanging roller coaster is one of the large amusement facilities in China at present. The project track is 800 meters long, the lifting height is 33 meters, the upper and lower drop is nearly 30 meters, the single operation time is only 2 minutes, the top speed is 80 kilometers per hour, and the number of reversals is 4. The "suspended" vehicle body and load bearing facilities are suspended outside the closed track, only the top of the seat back and the track, there is no trampled floor under the passenger. Flying boat surfing is a large device for tourists to experience water surfing on a large cruise boat. When the tourists sit on the special antique colored boat, all the tension slowly accumulate in the lifting of the boat, the boat suddenly drops, only the resistance of the air around the body, enjoy the speed of the wind, experience the pleasure of weightlessness, and scream crazy under the stimulus of high-speed diving. In an instant, the waves burst into the curtain of water, splashing white curtains everywhere. Bring thrilling excitement to visitors. Challenger Tour - The tourists sit on the round cabin, the big arm 240 degrees of driving swing, the cabin 360 degrees clockwise rotation, the vertical arm left and right reciprocating movement, all the attention is to experience the thrilling excitement between the rotation. Remote viewing equipment, moving like a heavy hammer dance, quiet like open, the light of the flowing color in the strong music rhythm of the colorful shine, visitors as if in the vast strange universe. High-altitude flying park supporting large mechanical amusement equipment, the project through mechanical support, the tourists will be suspended in the air more than 40 meters, through rapid spinning to simulate the flight effect, to bring tourists thrilling sensory enjoyment. In addition, the park is also equipped with bumper cars, automatic lifting aircraft, large naughty castle and many other traditional classic amusement facilities