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Good jade bracelet to meet what conditions

2018-03-17 01:37:00

Good jade bracelet to meet the conditions, now many female friends like to buy jade bracelet, because a beautiful jade bracelet can not only let their wrists send out unlimited style. There are no two identical leaves in the world, even if the shape and color of the leaves look extremely similar, the veins inside are weaving their own wonderful. Jade bracelet and leaves, each jade bracelet is unique, can not be met, so good jade bracelet to meet what conditions. Jade bracelet has always been a beautiful representative of classical temperament, such as wicker Yiyi, if Qingxi ripples, like ribbon smooth, there are endless graceful, endless artistic conception, its antique style has been given a unique charm of women. However, there are many good and bad standards of jade bracelets, which can be measured from many aspects such as species, water, color, etc., what is a good jade bracelet? Xiaobian summarizes what conditions must be met for a good jade bracelet.


Jade bracelet


First of all, good jade bracelet jade quality is better, in the kind of jade, glass and ice kind of jade bracelet belongs to high-grade bracelets, their jade looks clear and transparent, the surface is smooth and round, feel cool more strongly, in addition, glutinous jade bracelet, bean jade bracelet, oil green jade bracelet its grade is reduced, but these are in the jade A goods under the premise.


A good jade bracelet also has a very important factor is the color of the jade is better, the jade is colorful, it is the most colorful jade in the world, to meet the different needs of the public for color. The color of the jade bracelet is mainly green and purple, the price of these two colors is relatively expensive, the stronger the color of the jade bracelet the better, the more positive the color of the jade bracelet the better. A light green emerald bracelet is not as good as a brilliant green emerald bracelet, and a full green emerald bracelet is better than a silk green emerald bracelet. The more color of the jade bracelet, the better, two colors, three colors of the jade bracelet than the monochrome jade bracelet. The price of jade bracelet varies with the color.


Good jade bracelet in the work is very particular, the requirements are very high, the roundness of the jade bracelet should be enough, the polishing should be delicate, there can be no black spots, black spots and other defects exist, especially pay attention to the jade bracelet above can not have cracks, the value of the jade bracelet with cracks will be greatly reduced.


In addition, a good jade bracelet should also be worn often, often worn to show its charm. A good jade bracelet must be suitable for yourself, otherwise the beautiful jade hands and feet if the size is too large or too small to wear on the body will lose its beauty. Finally, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the jade bracelet, so that its beauty can be continued for a long time.

How to choose a satisfactory jade bracelet

In life, we can see that whether it is the protagonist on TV, or the stars are keen to wear jade jewelry, even now in the street people come and go, wearing jade jewelry people are also more and more. It can be seen that the jade market has entered the hot stage. As a common style of jade jewelry jade bracelet is more attractive. If a green emerald bracelet is worn between the wrist, it will have a natural feeling, and the strong green can support the woman's fair skin. When buying an emerald bracelet, we usually only pay attention to its shape and color, and some details are ignored. In fact, when selecting jade bracelets in the antique trading market, if you do not pay attention to it, you may be troubled by buying bracelets with locks and cracks or impurities. Here to help you supplement the knowledge of antique identification, what details do we need to pay attention to when selecting? 1, pay attention to observe the crack Almost all jade is the most taboo is the crack. When we buy, we should make a comprehensive observation of the bracelet with the help of lights or flashlights, and once we find that there is a crack, we must not hesitate to exclude it. If a piece of jade has cracks, its value is greatly discounted, and it can not be sent with cracks.


2, to avoid defects to observe the bracelet with black spots, yellow spots, white flowers, etc., these defects can affect the beauty and value of jade. In addition, it is also important to carefully observe whether the inside polishing is consistent with the outside and avoid rough cut marks.


3, the shape should be standard to pick up the bracelet to see if its shape is round enough, its grain is natural, if the grain is longitudinal and the bracelet is horizontal, once accidentally dropped, it is very easy to break.


4, the size can not be too will wear bracelet decoration at the same time, comfort is also very important. Comfort should not be overlooked because of its beauty, or to accommodate a bracelet that is too tight to wear. In addition, the thickness of the jade also needs to be matched according to the thickness of the arm.


5, pay attention to the issuance of certificates in the purchase of jade bracelets, you need to find businesses to determine whether there is a certificate, if the jade is not good at friends, an authoritative certificate is more convincing. According to statistics, China's annual online shopping plus physical purchase of jade jade transaction volume of dozens of billion, but basically shoplifted 89 out of 10, in addition to the small leaf rosewood headed by the three jadeite these old, basically ordinary buyers can not buy really superior jade A goods. Therefore, it is necessary to urge merchants to issue certificates. When looking at the certificate, be sure to pay attention to whether it is issued by a qualified appraisal agency. There is a formula may wish to remember: first check the crack to prevent fatal, defects should be less work to fine, the size does not match the difficult transaction, strictly prevent defective counterfeit products.

Matters needing attention

Now many female friends like to buy jade bracelets, because a beautiful jade bracelet can not only let their wrists send out unlimited style.