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Grain facial mask formula and practice

2018-03-08 03:12:00

Grain mask formula and practice, the following small series to introduce you in detail, I hope to help you.


The five grains


First of all, the multi-grain facial mask is mainly rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, potatoes.


Soy - anti-aging soy contains a phytoestrogenic soy isoflavones similar to estrogen, soy isobrass can delay the aging of female cells, so that the skin is delicate and white.


Wheat - mild exfoliating oats are the highest content of amino acids in cereals, amino acids are an important medium for water retention, so oats have a good moisturizing effect. The granular structure of oats has strong water solubility and strong absorption. Long-term use, can effectively remove the deep skin dirt, gentle exfoliation.


Potatoes - Increase elasticity The polyphenols in potatoes can inhibit the damage caused by free radicals to elastic fibers, which can make dark, yellow, and lack of vitality of the skin full of elasticity and health.


Corn - Balance oil secretion The nutrients contained in corn can enhance the metabolism of the human body, can adjust the endocrine system of the human body, balance oil secretion, make the skin more tender, smooth, elastic, inhibit skin aging, but also reduce fine lines.


Rice - Clear Skin Rice is not only a skin care, but also a comprehensive function, its most outstanding function is its powerful hydrating effect, and it contains the ingredient potassium can exfoliate to create natural clear muscle.