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Gree air conditioning maintenance

2018-01-15 14:24:00

This article briefly introduces the knowledge of air conditioning repair!


First, the damage of the air conditioning signal (control) transformer will cause the whole machine to not work. Chigo cabinet air conditioner, using 220V power supply, after plugging in the power supply, the power indicator is not bright, the whole machine does not react, the measurement of 220V power supply is normal, open the indoor and external shell test 220V has been input to the circuit control board, the insurance is intact. Further testing found that the control transformer secondary no output voltage, remove the transformer, measure the primary coil no resistance value, secondary resistance value is normal, obviously, the transformer primary coil has been damaged, replace a new transformer, connect the power supply, the power indicator light up, the machine works normally.


Second, summer air conditioning circuit varistor breakdown damage, mostly caused by lightning strikes. A Mitsubishi PSH-5, 6G6 type cabinet air conditioner, the second day after a thunderstorm boot the whole machine did not react, the test 380V power supply is normal, open the machine shell detection, found that 5A insurance has been black, the varistor is also broken down and damaged, replace the above two parts, boot observation half an hour machine normal operation. Apparently the fault was caused by a lightning strike. Here, remind our customers that in the summer when there are many thunderstorms, it is best to unplug the power when the weather changes, so that unnecessary losses can be avoided


Third, the external dirty blockage of the condenser and evaporator will affect the refrigeration effect. Wall-mounted, cabinet or window air conditioners, in the evaporator, condenser external dirty blockage (such as catkins, dust) will make the cooling effect significantly decreased, and even do not refrigeration phenomenon, this phenomenon some users often think that is lack of fluorine, then sent to the repair department repair. In fact, when the condenser is attached to a layer of dirt, the condensation effect becomes worse, which will seriously affect the refrigeration, and once the surface of the evaporator produces dirt, the cold capacity can not be effectively played, so the refrigeration equipment can not work normally. I often encounter such repair cases in the repair department, of course, this fault is cleaned up after the dirt, do not immediately eliminate the refrigeration fault.


Fourth, compressor starting capacitor damage judgment and elimination. A 1.5 HP split air conditioner, no cooling after starting, indoor and external fans turn, but the compressor does not work, open the outdoor unit, measure 220V has been to the terminal post, turn off the power, measure the winding resistance of the compressor is normal, in the test compressor starting capacitor has no charge, discharge phenomenon, obviously has opened the circuit, replace the starting capacitor, troubleshooting.


5. The capacity of the air conditioner power cable (connected to 220V or 380V) is insufficient, causing the host to not work. Many times in the maintenance of air conditioning, the machine cannot work because the power supply is not normal. Fault phenomenon: The 220V power supply is normal before starting, and the compressor is only about 150V when it starts, which is mostly due to the improper selection of the 220V power supply line and the thin cross section of the wire. In case of this fault, just replace the power cable. 380V before the start of the measurement is normal, when the machine is started, one phase is just 220V, check the wire, one of which is also thin cross section, after replacing the line, the fault is removed. Six, the air-conditioning three-phase power supply phase sequence error caused by the system does not work. Air conditioning three-phase line power supply system, sometimes due to the main line phase sequence connection wrong, resulting in air conditioning protection system work and stop. At this point, just adjust the phase sequence of the three phases. The current air conditioning protection system is more perfect, generally can be found according to the corresponding fault indicator light.