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Green dining decoration to create a low-carbon dining environment

2018-02-21 12:48:00

Green dining decoration to create a low-carbon dining environment With the convening of the Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference, low-carbon green dining decoration has become the hottest environmental protection topic. From advocating environmental protection to reducing carbon emissions, low-carbon lifestyle is being sought after by more and more Chinese people. The dining environment is an important part of low-carbon life, using green plants as the best decorative items can become a good decoration of the restaurant design style, but also absorb excess carbon dioxide and purify the air. Just a little change in daily business can lay a good foundation for a "low-carbon" life. Green dining decoration and trend style is not contradictory at all, different styles of accessories with different styles of clothes, plants also need to be matched with the style of the restaurant, in order to make the restaurant icing on the cake. Check out these different decorative styles below and how you can use them to create your own low-carbon lifestyle. The decorative style of Chinese style advocates solemn and elegant, pay attention to symmetrical beauty. The color is mainly red and black, thick and mature. The quiet and elegant atmosphere is suitable for placing the noble plant elements, such as orchid grass, green bamboo and so on. Chinese ornamental plants pay attention to "watching their leaves, appreciating their shape", which is suitable for placing soil potted at home. Placing a golden marble stump with an old tree root in the partition of the screen, or placing a cold plum in the entrance, can bring Chinese style to the extreme. The Chinese people are serious and stable, and the broad leaves of the turtle back bamboo and money tree just reflect this charm