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Group chat how to @others, how to reply to a particular person

2018-04-07 06:24:44

Group chat how to @others, how to reply to a particular person? Messages sent to @ in group chat will give @ users a special reminder so that they don't miss the message. But if you use group chat, do you know how to @others? The following Xiaobian share qq group chat how to @others.



Group chat how to @others - Method 1

If you are using group chat and want to @someone, you can add "@user business card" to the front of the message, but this is too troublesome unless you remember their name. You can first type an "@" symbol, as shown below


This article is based on experience


Then write the message and send it, as shown below

Group Chat how to @others - Method 2

If you want to @someone, there is an easier way, in the chat window, long press the photo of the person who wants to @, as shown below


Then you can @ him, and then write a message to send it, as shown below

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