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Hand-held mutton

2018-04-06 16:00:15

Today I share how to grab lamb with my hands.


Mutton ginger, fragrant leaves, star anise, scallions, garlic, chili, light soy sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, cooking wine


First clean the lamb.


Put water into the pot and fire, pour a little cooking wine, put the mutton in the blanch to remove the blood foam to smell, cook for about 10 minutes, remove it and wash it with cool water.


Chop onion, ginger, garlic and chilli and set aside.


Put the mutton washed with cold water into the electric pressure cooker, add the right amount of water, put the right amount of star anise, fragrant leaves, ginger, etc., cover the pot and press the meat key to cook the mutton.


Put the shallot, garlic, chilli, chilli oil and sesame oil in a bowl, pour in light soy sauce and make a sauce.


And then I'm gonna get a pepper and salt with sesame and cumin, and I'm gonna use that as a dipping sauce.


When the pressure cooker automatically stops working, the air valve falls, open the pot, the lamb is cooked, take it out and cool for a while, tear it into strips with your hand, and cut the fascia with a knife.