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"Hatsune Miku: Goji Project" PV production simple graphic tutorial

2018-03-29 01:36:33

Below I have written some simple tutorials on the basis of making PV for your reference. Of course, it is also my brick to introduce jade, I hope that friends read something I wrote can be helpful, and can carry out more in-depth research and discussion with me, and strive to produce their own perfect PV.


After entering the game menu, as shown in the figure, the fourth figure is PV production


After entering PV production, there are five options: new PV production continue PV production with the completed PV game appreciation of the completed PV Return to the main menu here, of course, we must choose the first one to select PV, and then appear is the song selection interface as shown in the figure is the interface that just entered Inside is the song production PV in the game, of course, it is to own songs, press R will automatically jump to the rod MUSIC folder here I randomly selected a Pandora's heart OP= =....... (I love...) After selecting the song, this thing will appear. This is the BPM selection. The default is 120. This thing needs to be adjusted against the rhythm. Conditional friends can use metronome and other tests to achieve the perfect match effect, if there is no metronome, I will explain the adjustment method later, here I temporarily choose 160 after choosing a good BPM, the interface of the beat setting appears according to your preferences. Here I'm going to pick 4/4 and then... Uuuuh... Look also know that this is the choice of clothes or characters ~ you think your song is more suitable for what image to choose ~~(because PDL OP is more suitable for him so I chose the mirror sound is too...)