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Here are 8 must-eat foods

2018-03-06 20:48:00

Today, we will organize and share the 8 great foods that we must eat for our partners to choose for reference:


NO.1: Fried steamed bun is called steamed bun in steamed bun, so fried steamed bun can also be called fried steamed bun. The bottom of the fried steamed bread is golden in color, hard to eat and crispy, the meat is fresh and tender with gravy, and the fried steamed bread is the best to eat when it is just out of the pot.


NO.2: Sanxian small wonton stuffing is not made of fresh meat, Kaiyang, mustard, but made of pure meat. Among them, the three fresh refers to the fresh meat wrapped in thin skin of egg, shrimp and seaweed, which tastes salty and smooth.


NO.3: Gao Gao is baked through a special mold grout. The shape is like a flower, the color is purple sauce red, sweet and soft, it can be said that the color, aroma, taste and shape are perfect.


NO.4: Spareribs Rice cake Eat spareribs fragrant crisp fresh, glutinous rice cake taste, thick juice bright color. Sprinkle the five-spice powder when eating, you can taste the rich flavor of the ribs and the soft waxy crispy rice cake, which is very delicious.


NO.5: Open onion oil noodles look bright color, eat up lubrication and refreshing, shrimp taste fresh, onion smell, rich nutrition, noodles smooth not greasy.


NO.6: Tiao cake and mint cake Mint cake is made of glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of mint powder, dotted with red and green silk. Tiaotou cake is made by blending glutinous rice flour into strips. Among them, peppermint cake tastes sweet and cool, and it is very hot to eat in summer. The cake tastes soft and congeal, with a moderate sweetness.


NO.7: Crab shell Yellow Crab shell yellow is made by pastry and yeast dough to make a flat round cake, the surface is stuck with a layer of sesame seeds. The color and shape of the cake are very like cooked crab shells, and it tastes crisp, loose and fragrant.


NO.8: Fried bean curd Noodle soup Fried bean curd noodle soup soup water is clear enough, taste fresh enough, smell full of aroma, can be eaten with fried and other greasy snacks together.