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Here are five ways to play Disney

2018-03-29 19:12:32

The focus of the play guide has been marked, to focus on 1, accommodation: if the trip is for Disney, you can live in the nearby wine. In the 7-day area of the international Park (the network standard room is 300, the direct check-in is about 50, the attachment is not very good, but there are regular transfers to Disney) 2, buy tickets: you can choose to buy tickets online: where to go website. Weekday tickets are 370 yuan and peak day tickets are 499 yuan. Peak days include holiday weekends and the annual summer break in July and August. If it's a family trip, you can you can choose a family package. 3. Transportation: After taking the high-speed train, you can directly take the subway to Disney, the last station of subway line 11, and the subway exit is only about 300 meters away from the entrance of Disney. (Note: The last train runs at 22:30 p.m., and the station closes around 22:25.) Disney offers luggage storage. It's okay to get out of the car and go play. 4. Play: (1) To understand the opening time of Disney Park, line up at the entrance in advance. If you buy a two-day joint ticket, do not lose it after the first day, and the next day you can go directly from the left-most channel. (2) About the choice of popular projects and theater shows: Disney is divided into 5 areas, each area has its own theater, and each performance lasts 15 to 30 minutes. The performance schedule and area map of the theater are available at the gate and can be picked up by yourself. Specific how to play, it is recommended to download a Disney resort APP, the current queue time, performance time, restaurant, business, the specific location of the toilet have, or more convenient and practical. (3) Be sure to take more fast passes (refers to the time can not queue, take the fast track directly into), which is to ensure that you play as many items as possible in the shortest time. The pick-up point can be seen during the play, and the ticket is free of charge. And you can only get one quick ticket within 2 hours, and one ticket for the same project only has one quick ticket. (It is recommended that the first express ticket choose popular items) 5 food: the food and beverage in the park is more expensive, you can bring some things in, but only bring food and water. On entering the door, the staff will do a simple bag opening check. Note: 1. Do not wear a costume with cartoon characters other than the Disney image into the park, 2. Selfie sticks are not allowed in the park. 3. Dangerous goods (inflammable and explosive goods, cutting tools, etc.) are not allowed to enter the park. 2. The daily traffic of holidays is relatively large, if you go out to play with children, you should always pay attention to the safety of children, do not play high by yourself and lose the child.