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Here are some ocean wedding ideas

2018-03-18 03:12:00

In the hot summer, holding a cool ocean wedding will definitely make people have unlimited imagination and good mood, and occasionally want to run in the magnificent blue sea. Xiaobian share the idea of ocean wedding. Tropical pirates of bright sunshine, blue sky and clear water, design and the traditional Mediterranean cool blue and white color scheme is different, in this hot summer, tropical sea wind will bring high saturation of color into the wedding, to the wedding more enthusiasm, pleasure, while there is no lack of romance and a little sexy, as if you can hear the cheerful rhythm of Mambo dance. Hollowed-out white structure, dancing hand flowers hollowed-out white structure of the bride's hand flowers, full of breathable hydrangea, golden ball, cymbidium a large number of use, its smart feeling as if the temptation of the sea is fascinating, and with a sense of dangling flowers fluttering in the wind, just like Mambo dancer dancing in the bride's hands. Bright blue and yellow candy box, happy Mambo and Mambo blue ocean wedding corresponding, the ribbon and floral decoration on the sugar box also take blue and yellow color and flower elements, flower material selection of gold ball and blue hydrangea, bright blue, yellow combination for the wedding set a bright, happy tone, you can imagine and see such a happy sugar box, the wedding will be full of smiling faces, As cute as candy, as bright as the sun, a happy and warm theme wedding was born. The shell has become the protagonist, filled with Marine style has been as a supporting role of the shell into the protagonist, "Summer Mambo" corsage creatively with the shell as the protagonist with a golden ball, with his special method to draw the beautiful nature. The flowing blue streamers let the new people and swing into the blue sea dancing, free and happy sea creatures. Custom, tell the words of the vow of love hand-made blue ocean wedding heart-shaped hook ring pillow, with shells and coconut shells made of the support, bring ocean imagination, exquisite and lovely, as if the new couple on the island local materials made by hand, the entire ocean world, beautiful island dedication to love, so that lovely starfish, shells, sand, swaying coconut trees... Also come to witness the new love! Guests will feel the passion of the couple, making the wedding passionate and romantic.