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High school female freshmen military training packing guide

2018-03-31 12:48:10

Having been admitted to my favorite high school, I was excited and curious about the campus, classmates and teachers I would meet. But before starting normal study, there is a big test that must be faced, that is, military training. The time of military training in major high schools is the end of August, which is the season of scorching sun and steaming heat, and it is definitely a big test for girls who love beauty. How to spend a safe and exciting military training life, the luggage is crucial. The following packing guide will show you what you should not bring...


  A 20 - or 24-inch suitcase


Clothes: When military training, mainly wear military uniforms, and now military training uniforms generally include: pants, long-sleeved coats, and camouflage t-shirts. 1), T-shirt: sweat during military training is particularly strong, you can bring more than a few cotton T-shirt, wear inside the coat replacement. 2), casual short suit: evening cultural and sports activities such as listening to lectures, is allowed to wear their own clothes, so you can prepare 2 sets of loose clothes. Note that the clothes should be loose and comfortable, and do not bring jeans or tight sexy clothes. He is not comfortable, but also let the teacher and the students look aside. 3), pajamas: Pajamas are also a relaxed and comfortable route. You can love small, but you can't play sexy.


Shoes: 1), sports shoes: at least two pairs for replacement. After coming back from military training, it is absolutely normal to find that shoes are wet, and a pair of shoes can not hold up. 2), pure cotton socks: 3--5 pairs, absolutely cotton can absorb the kind of socks, exaggerated weather, a day for 3 pairs of socks will also have. 3), slippers: shower essentials.


Daily necessities: 1) lunch box, spoon, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, Sushui cup, bucket, coat rack must be prepared adequately. 2), washing powder, shower gel, shampoo, dish soap, etc., must also be brought. Washing powder and dishwashing liquid can be used in small bottles of Ebon mineral water. 3), kettle: it is best to use more than 500ml capacity. Good tightness! 4), hair dryer is a must for girls with long hair.


Drugs and protective products: general military training will be followed by school doctors, common drugs can find school doctors, there is no need to bring their own. 1) Mosquito repellent equipment such as mosquito repellent water, toilet water, wind oil essence 2) sunscreen: SPF value should be greater than or equal to 35 or more 3) aloe vera gel: after sun repair, to avoid skin sunburn. (It is said that cold milk can also reduce the damage after sunburn, which can be purchased at the commissariat.) 4), heat rash powder: the sun is big, clothes are long, heat rash will come to visit... 5), special drugs related to their own body.


Food: Military training food can be full but not good where to go, so snacks are necessary to satisfy cravings and narrow the distance between students. 1), filling food: chocolate, biscuits, beef strips, small packages of meat breast are optional. 2), casual snacks: nori, potato chips, lollipops, chewing gum, etc. are also indispensable media for dormitory students to communicate. 3), drinks: unless it is really a big love can take a few bottles to satisfy cravings, otherwise, it is recommended not to take, try to buy in the military training base.


Stationery: Paper and pen is sure to bring, but also write military training summary!


1) Camera: Trust me, you don't get a chance to take pictures. Wait for the photo of class! 2), : You have little time and energy to play this, the key is that many schools regard the theory during military training as a top priority, many of my acquaintances have been disqualified because of the use of excellent qualifications. If you do, borrow the teacher's. 3), game machine: this must not be taken, the reason is not explained.