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Home decoration design share

2018-03-15 22:24:00

Our life needs personalized life, people pay more and more attention to home decoration design, modern people for their own decoration design, began to have their own ideas and unique style. Need to have some understanding of the decoration design, comprehensive years of home improvement experience, the following summary of some need to know the precautions in the home improvement design, so that your decoration design more simple.


1, the interior design of interior furniture, decorative structure, decorative embellishment, special components, etc., including the use of materials, detailed structure, process treatment, special materials, construction requirements, etc., that is, the often said decoration project design, that this is the focus and difficulty of the entire home improvement design, the need for special attention.


2, the acoustic environment design of the indoor sound insulation, audiovisual requirements on the basis of acoustic principles to deal with. Remind you that the sound insulation of the house is very important. Good sound insulation, on the one hand, can bring better private space to the owner, on the other hand, if there are pets, children, etc., at home, it can also reduce the impact on neighbors.


3, thermal environment design It is recommended that you consider indoor insulation, heat insulation, air flow and other factors to create a comfortable indoor environment.


4, the space interface treatment of the structure and surface decoration of the wall, the ground and the top, the matching and echoing of each other's colors, to determine the construction technology and requirements, that is, the basic decoration project design.


5, space re-organization using cohesion, transition, contrast, unity, virtual and real design techniques to create a reasonable interior space environment, which is often said the overall design idea. The overall design has a greater impact on the overall style of the house, before the decoration, it is recommended that the owner should clarify the overall style, communicate with the designer, and determine the space environment style.


6, light environment design lighting for setting off the atmosphere has a very important role, in addition to the basic lighting role, bedroom, dining room and so on to choose the right light can bring people more comfortable enjoyment. For example, the bedroom should choose warm tone lighting, bathroom lighting is best to be bright. In addition, the choice of lighting should also be compatible with the overall style of the decoration.


In addition, special reminder, decoration budget is also an important content of design, professional design, will play a very important role in home improvement, will be more regular, orderly, reasonable. Read about the home decoration design experience sharing, I hope to help your home decoration design.