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Household central air conditioning routine maintenance skills

2018-01-14 14:24:00

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to choose home central air conditioning. For families with an area of more than 200 square meters, it is more convenient and practical to use home central air conditioning than to install many air conditioners. So how to do a good job of household central air conditioning maintenance, so that the air conditioning to maintain a good use of the effect and normal life?


air conditioner


1, often check the air conditioner electrical plug and socket contact is good, if it is found that the air conditioner is running, the power lead or plug hair hot, this may be because the electrical wiring is too thin or plug, socket contact is poor, should take appropriate measures according to the situation.


2, the water system should pay attention to whether the road connection is leaking. If the multi-line system and fan system, it is necessary to often observe whether there is refrigerant leakage in the interface part of the refrigerant road of the air conditioner. If there is oil stain, it means that there is a refrigerant leak, should be dealt with in time, so as to avoid long-term leakage caused by the lack of refrigerant, and affect the refrigeration (heat) effect of the air conditioner, and even cause damage to the compressor.


3. The water system and fan system should be cleaned regularly. Generally, it is cleaned once every 2-3 weeks. When cleaning, pull out the filter, and brush with a dry soft brush to filter the dust on the net. It can also be washed to remove dust from the filter. Let dry and then load into the air conditioner for use. For a dusty environment, the cleaning of the filter should be more frequent to avoid too much dust and affect the air volume of the air conditioner.


4, multi-line home central air conditioning to regularly clean the air conditioner condenser and evaporator disc, using a brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the disc. When cleaning, brush and vacuum cleaner should be swept along the vertical direction of the disk, do not sweep along the horizontal direction, so as to avoid damaging the fins of the disk.


5, when the air conditioner is shut down for a long time (such as the seasonal shutdown of the air conditioner), the air conditioner should be completely cleaned. After cleaning, only open the fan of the air conditioner, run for about 2-3h, dry the inside of the air conditioner, and then use the dust jacket to cover the air conditioner.