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How about a manicure, okay?

2018-02-16 04:48:00

Valentine's Day is coming, ladies are ready to apply a beautiful manicure, date? If you do not know what nail style to paint, in order to impress the heart of the male God, you may wish to take a look at this alternative charm black diamond nail diy tutorial brought by today's Xiaobian, create a beautiful nail by yourself, and capture the heart of the male God by heart.


Not a manicure service, or diy manicure, the first step is to finish the jade hand, apply primer to prepare.


Apply red nail polish to half of the nail area, leaving a bright red half moon at the base of the nail, and the rest of the nail polish can be completely applied with black nail polish.


To the critical step, when the black and red nail polish dry, coated with silver powder nail polish, as a brightening oil, while the nail polish is not dry, use glue to stick the diamond jewelry firmly on the arc of the junction of the red and black block, first in the high point of the larger flash diamond, and then on both sides of the small diamond