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How can a novice read an English book

2018-03-21 04:48:41

More and more people are not satisfied with just knowing the words, many of them want to read an English book, in fact, it is very easy, beginners pay more attention to the following points can, do not be afraid. Come on, have confidence that you can read it!


First of all, we must clarify our reading purpose, is it extensive reading, or intensive reading? Here is how to talk about extensive reading, I am not an English major, so I can not introduce too deep how to intensive reading, if you want to intensive reading, you can search for other experiences.


If you are sure to read extensively, because it is the first book, you can not choose a brick thick, difficult book, according to your vocabulary to choose some easy books, logical content compact books. If you read War and War, you won't get through it. Even Chinese is difficult to read, let alone English.


Once you start, stick to it, don't ask for a lot of reading a day, slowly, read 10 pages a day, story books are more attractive, will let you slowly draw you to read more.


What to do when you come across a word you don't know? I have also encountered this, as long as it does not affect your understanding, you can skip, compare some adjectives, the author in order to avoid repetition, use a lot of synonyms to replace the use, just like we will use idioms, there is no need to understand each! Learn the overall structure first, find the feeling.


If you set a goal and stick to it, you will be able to finish your first English book. You may also be confused not to remember things, that's okay, slowly read the feeling, you will remember. Don't ask so high at the beginning, can do it is stronger than not, please come on!


After all, you are a novice, and when you can stick to reading the first book, it will be much easier!