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How can girls protect themselves

2018-04-24 04:48:29

There is a lot of news about girls being killed recently, girls don't be afraid, when you are in danger, you should take active and effective prevention and resistance measures to avoid being hurt and reduce harm, many skills are simple and feasible! Here are a variety of skills for what to do in dangerous situations.


Please repeat the cry for help loudly and succinctly! Keep your own calm is the first step, if you are facing the situation of being violated, especially the kind of acquaintances, please try to keep calm, so as not to be mistaken by pedestrians that you are not the normal one! Then the people around you will really pay attention to you! Please cry for help as loud and clear as possible! The voice should be loud and clear, so that the pedestrians around can understand the real situation for the first time, and it is possible to help you! Be as concise and clear as possible, and keep repeating your call until you get out of control!


A girl's best weapon is herself! The best weapon is always in our own body, that is, the elbow + knee! The strength of girls is generally weaker than that of men, and the general waving and beating will only make criminals feel a little pain, and the actual effect is little. The pain caused by elbowing the criminal in the abdomen is relatively strong, which may prompt the criminal to let go of control over you in an instant. In addition to being good at using their own weapons, but also to find the right place to hit! If the girl is wearing high heels, please try your best to step on the instep of the perpetrator with your foot, preferably with a twist, and the pain will be stronger in an instant. The abdominal elbow was already mentioned. If it is a male perpetrator, attacking the lower body is a very good means of counterattack, it is recommended to use the knee. Because the leg extension action takes longer to prepare, and the strength is weaker than the knee. After breaking free from the control of the perpetrator, please run to the crowd at the fastest speed for help, do not engage in too much entanglement with the perpetrator, quick victory!


Be considerate while helping others. This is inspired by the case of Hu Yixuan, always keep a good heart to provide help for others, but you must also ensure safety. First of all, don't let yourself be alone. It is best to have a partner present when offering help to others. In this way, in case there is a witness; In case of danger two can fight better than one. Second, don't go to strange, confined environments, and try to help others when there are people around (preferably a lot of people). Again, in the event that you feel that you are unable to provide effective help, please call 110.


Please write down the nearest to your home! How does 110 alarm operate? The operator will respond to the call according to the address provided by the caller. In the event of an emergency, this one turn after another is also time-consuming, so please pay attention to the location of your jurisdiction and decisively record the alarm! In front of a girl asked how to remember the taxi license plate number, it is estimated that someone will ask how to remember the alarm. Let me just answer. If you work seriously and responsibly in your area, then please pay attention to places such as the community publicity board, and the police uncle will certainly mention when carrying out all kinds of safety publicity. If you can not find the above information, for safety and not afraid of trouble, you can ask and note the location.


If there is an unexpected situation such as power failure at home, it is not recommended that the girl go out immediately to check the situation, you can observe it at home first, ask about the property or seek the help of male comrades. Write suddenly thought of adding a in the attention to personal privacy, the list has a name, address, such as specific information, please girls in check, remember to handle the personal information and then throw away the list or package box!