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How can I get a ride without RMB

2018-01-05 00:00:00

I believe that many players in the game have not yet a mount of their own, can only watch others riding a tall horse from their side gallop. At this point, do you want to be like them? Here's how to get your own mount for free. The mount was assembled at the rider's place in front of the National Hall. To synthesize beautiful advanced mounts, you first need a batch of basic mounts. Maybe you did the Overlord Tomb Replica mount quest and got a green horse, Green horse cannot be upgraded, so if you want to have a premium mount, first trade 100 army cards (which can be obtained in two or three days of various replica quests) for a batch of Lu at the rider's office. Blue Piebald might as well throw it away. First: Luma. Lumach can be redeemed for 100 military badges from the rider, which is our base horse. With it, we can further get better horses for us to run in the battle legend. Second: Sweat and blood BMW. Required materials: Lu 1, sweat blood BMW soul 5, Bole treasure kam 10. Material description: The Soul of the Bloody BMW can be dropped on the BOSS in the level 41 advanced hero copy. (or buy from the player, the price is about 1W silver) The main place to get the Bole treasure is the copy, the treasure chest inside can be easily issued Bole treasure. You can also redeem 10 military cards each at the rider's office. Sweat Blood BMW's next upgrade target is the shadow. Step 3: No shadow: Required materials: one sweat blood BMW, no shadow soul 5, Bole treasure kam 20. Material description: The method of obtaining the ghost of the shadow is the body of the Ze BOSS "the shadow" or the body of the shadow BOSS in the copy can also be exploded. Note that this BOSS can hardly be fought alone and needs to be in a team. It stuns people once every two seconds, and stuns people can restore their health at the same time. (The ghost of the shadow player purchase price of about 2W silver two each) the fourth step: feather. The property of feathering is very close to the property of Wolf riding bought with RMB. It is also very good-looking. Required materials: one absolute shadow, 5 soul of feather, 30 Bole treasure Kam. Material description: The method of obtaining the soul of the feather is somewhat difficult. It can be revealed in Xiongnu Grassland BOSS Hunnu Shan Yu and Yihu Mi, the BOSS of the Jedi copy. These two bosses can't be easily won without a gem team! Xiongnu alone in the body in addition to the soul of the feather is rich in the best equipment and gems. Step 5: Zisha. With the feathering, we can synthesize the last mount - Zisha's attributes are exactly as good as the Wolf ride purchased by RMB. Required materials: 1 fan Yu, 5 Zisha soul, 50 Bole Bao Jian. Material description: Many people do not know where the soul of purple Sa is exploding, in fact, it is very simple, in the unmatched mode of Overlord Tomb, the final BOSS awakening Xiang Yu can be exploded. This BOSS is extremely powerful and has an ability to ignore defense that instantly reduces its health by 70%. Before triggering this ability, a halo appears under the foot of the collar feather. If you pay attention, you can avoid it in time. As soon as you show up, everybody run! A lot of top-grade 50 level equipment can be exploded in the peerless mode of the Overlord tomb, so it is not a problem to get several purple Sa souls while playing equipment. In addition to the above several mounts, there is also an exceptionally strong attribute called "claw yellow flying electric" mount. The mount was offered in a gift box obtained during the National Day event. At present, there is no fatigue function of this mount, and it cannot add endurance, so it cannot be ridden for the time being. It is recommended that the player keep it first, and then ride it after the release function of this mount. The yellow color must be very eye-catching! (Click on the panel where the rider appears) Wish everyone in the game can get a mount of their own! Experience the fun of the mount system! One final caveat: If you bought a $20 Wolf ride, don't think about upgrading yet. Take your own gem trail before you plan. The success rate of this mount upgrade is 10% or less. If you want it to be a big rhino, get 800 to 1,000 animal maps. Why not buy a few more gems?