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How can I get there conveniently

2018-03-14 16:00:11

The sky is blue, the heart is bright, the sea opens its beautiful veil, charming, mysterious, lazy and casual, but also with a little charm, it speaks in a unique way. This is the Maldives of China.

How to get

The airport is located in the west of the city near Yanglan village, where there are direct flights. The parking area of the parking lot in front of the airport terminal is 12420 square meters. According to the municipal regulations, the parking fee is 5 yuan for small cars, 10 yuan for medium-sized cars, and 15 yuan for large cars. 1. As long as there is a flight to Hong Kong from the airport to the airport, there are civil buses waiting in the terminal building (under normal circumstances, the last bus pick-up time is 00:30). Driving route: Airport - Road - Resort - Jinjiling Road - Road - Bus terminal - Xia Yang Tian - Da. Charge standard: Airport - resort 10 yuan/person; Airport - City 15 yuan/person. 2. The specific departure time of civil aviation bus from the city to the airport: 08:40; At 10:30; 12:00; 13:30; 15:30; 17:00; 19:00; 20:30). Driving route: Grand Plaza (departure station) - Baohong Longdu Wine - Hong Chau Edrey Wine - Guoguang Hao Sheng Wine - Beautiful Spring Wine - Airport (terminal station). Note: The parking station on the Second Ring Road can also take the charge standard: 15 yuan/person at the city station - airport; Guoguang Hao Sheng Wine - Airport 10 yuan/person; The driving time from the airport to the city is about 40 minutes, if you have any other requirements, please contact the civil bus customer service hotline: 0898-88393969; 13976191738. The No. 8 bus of the airport - Bus East Station please take the stop on and off the highway in front of the terminal building Running time: 6:00-23:00 (departure interval of about 10 minutes) Way station: Airport (terminal) - Through the city (road, road, bay) stations - big (starting station) Charging standard: Airport - City 5 yuan/person 4, other routes to the Asian area passengers can take the airport to the city's No. 8 bus, get off at the main station and then transfer to the bus dedicated to Asia. Group passengers who need to rent a car to Asia, please call the civil bus service hotline: 0898-88393969, the drive time from the airport to Asia takes 40-60 minutes. If you want to take a taxi between the airport and the city, it takes about 20 minutes one way, and the price is generally about 30-40 yuan.


The southernmost railway station of the train country - the railway station, to be exact, should be the new station of the railway station. The new station is located in the northern suburb of Lichigou town, from the city by bus No. 4 can be reached. The station currently operates only three trains, K512/1 (to the south) and K408/7 (to), which started on April 18, 2007, and T202/1 (to the west), which started on April 19, 2007. Train Station Transportation: There are 2 and 4 bus lines passing through the new train station. Both buses can reach the university.


Motor City bus terminal is located at No. 2, and there is a special express train every 20 minutes. There are coaches to 、、、、 and other places. - Ticket price: Luxury bus 79 yuan/person; Ordinary bus 49 yuan/person-special line departure time: 7:00 -- 23:00 Bus terminal Inquiry: 0898-88272440 Bus terminal Traffic There are 1, 2 and 10 bus lines passing through the bus terminal

City traffic

There are more than ten bus lines in the city, the operation time is basically from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and the fare is segmented, ranging from 1 to 4 yuan. In addition, there are many private private dedicated lines. There are many hotels (resorts) and free sightseeing buses to the city and scenic spots, which can be said to be very convenient. Bus routes suitable for tourists tour line Double-deck sightseeing bus Sightseeing bus upper deck is open, the lower floor has air conditioning, 6:00-19:40 (one hour), the fare is 8 yuan. Operating lines: Asia Holiday Wine, Tiandu, Da (Ruihai Square), Xia Yang Tian, Beauty Crown, Jinji Ling Road (Law Suburb Court), Lanhai Garden, Seascape Wine (West Railway Station), Green Sea Garden (coffee time) Coconut Forest Beach Wine, West Island Pier, Love World, Cape. New country line bus travel 57 kilometers, every ten minutes departure, station ticket sales, the whole 18 yuan. Operating hours: 6:00-18:00. Operating line: Size Dongtian, Town, Cape, Xidao Wharf, HNA Wine, Tianfuyuan Wine, Coconut Forest Beach Wine, Huayuan Wine, Resort, Lanshi Garden, Shengyi Seascape Wine, Red Sun Restaurant, Terminus Market, water resources Building, hospital, Entrepreneurial Building, City, Beauty Crown, Xianyang Field, Hawaii Grand Wine, Grand Square, East Station, Yuhai Tower, Nandu International Grand Wine, Luxury Villa, Olympic Shooting, Hongsha, Tian Alone, Six Pan Village, Asia Square, Hilton Wine, Underwater world, Butterfly Valley.


Taxi Taxi body is blue, the models are mostly Volkswagen Jetta, Citroen, Fukang. The starting price is 5 yuan for 2 kilometers, 2 yuan per kilometer after 2 kilometers, more than 20 kilometers beyond the city and the return empty driving fee is 1 yuan per kilometer, and the waiting fee is 2 yuan per 10 minutes. During the Spring Festival and the Golden Week, each train will be charged 5 yuan. But the taxi pricing is not standardized, to the scenic area, generally to the driver to negotiate a good price, generally to the city to the bay 25 yuan, to the big 10 yuan, to the sub 50 yuan. Remember to haggle when negotiating the price, lest the driver overcharge you. Some star wine also "Benz", "Rolls Royce" and other world famous car rental. Note: Trip time and cost will vary according to the actual situation, remember to negotiate the price with the driver first. Departure destination travel distance (km) Travel time (minutes) One-way cost (Yuan) Urban airport 30 25 30 Urban 4045 50 Urban size Dongtian 49 55 80 Urban cape 23 30 30 Urban West Island 20 20 30 Urban Wuzhizhou Island 30 5080 Downtown Nantian 45 4550 Downtown Subdistrict 2630 40 Metropolitan 510 7 Downtown Bay 15 1025 Airport Bay 2020 25 Airport Subdistrict 303060 Airport Subdistrict 4040 80 Subdistrict 4045 50 Yada Xiaodongtian 49 55 80 Asia Cape 23 3060 Asia Island 303060 Asia Wuzhizhou Island 30 5080


Bicycle There are bicycle rental services in many wine and Tours. Cycling along the beach is also a good option.


Car rental bus too crowded? Taxis too expensive? Then rent a car! If you want to play more comfortable, you can rent a car. The wine generally provides car rental services, the lobby has a car rental price list, for reference. In addition, there are many car rental services, you can understand these qualifications in the case of comparison prices, then make a decision. "Self-driving car" rentals are popular among tourists in Coconut. Leasing procedures are simple, the price is reasonable, happy to its place, caused by Xing, drive yourself happy. If you want to rent a car, you generally require a deposit of 5000 yuan, and provide your ID card, return ticket and driving license. Of course, it is also necessary to carefully understand its toll standards, generally all highways, including highways, do not charge, and there is no road maintenance fee for the car, which is reflected in the cost of gasoline.