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How can I sign a Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan endorsement at home

2018-03-06 08:00:00

Now you only need to use it to sign the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan endorsement, without having to go to the immigration hall by yourself.




Find the search window at the top of the home page


Search for the word "Hong Kong and Macao", this time it will appear Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan endorsement -XX city, click in. Note: This is automatically located according to your location, because this is a function of the city's convenience service, so where you locate will appear XX city. Of course, this service is not available in every city.


At this time, there will be a type of endorsement for you to choose, and it is good to choose according to the need.


After selecting the type of endorsement, enter the interface to confirm the order and click Add Applicant.


Fill in the information as requested and click Save.


At this time, it will return to the interface of step 4, fill in the address, and click the payment. If the next day is a working day, if the data review is not a problem, then the next day the little brother will come to the door to receive the package. When I used this feature before, they specified EMS.

Matters needing attention

Although it can be done in 5 days, be sure to allow 2 weeks to avoid unexpected delays such as slow data review, information errors, and delays.