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How can you quickly produce a good looking and useful paper catalog

2018-04-08 20:48:06

The table of contents serves as the index function of the whole paper, allowing readers to quickly consult the content of the required chapters through the table of contents. Every time the graduation thesis defense, the campus print is full of people, most of whom need to adjust the paper format and need the boss to help make the paper catalog. How difficult is it to make a paper catalogue? Is it only possible to get it done by taking it out to a professional? The answer, of course, is no. Now, I will pass on my experience to the children's shoes, and tell you how to quickly generate a good-looking and practical paper catalog.


WPS/Word software


First draft of graduation thesis


Open the paper in a wps or word document and move the cursor over the Level 1 title in the body of the paper. The so-called level 1 title is the largest and most general type of title in the text. Select the Level 1 title and click on the top left corner [Start] - [Format] - [Style and Format] to change the title to Level 1 title format.


Similar to the level 1 title, open the paper in a wps or word document and move the cursor over the level 2 title in the body of the paper. Secondary headings are the types of headings that govern each section of the text. Select the secondary title, click on the upper left corner [Start] - [Format] - [Style and Format], select [Secondary title], change the title of the paper section to the secondary title format.


[NO.3 Adjustment of Level 3 headings] Directories generally need to be generated to level 3 headings, and subsequent subheadings can be ignored and not included in the contents of the directory. Similar to the previous modification, open the paper as a wps or word document and move the cursor over the level three headings in the body of the paper. The so-called three-level heading is the general heading type for each small paragraph in the body. Select the three-level title, click on the upper left corner [Start] - [Format] - [Style and Format], select [three-level title], and change the title of the paper paragraph to the three-level title format.


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[NO.5 How to update the catalog] If the text content associated with the catalog changes during the process of paper modification, the catalog needs to be re-generated after the overall modification of the paper. By updating an existing directory, you can quickly generate the modified directory. The specific operation can be as follows: select all directories, click the right mouse button, select "Update domain" in the menu, select "Update the entire directory" in the dialog box that appears, you can see that the directory has been updated.


[NO.6 Adjusting the format of the catalog] After the content of the paper is determined to remain unchanged, the catalog is finally updated. In general, papers have format requirements such as fonts, and the table of contents page is no exception. The last step is to adjust the format of the table of contents, the adjustment method is the same as adjusting the font format program of the text of the paper, that is, select the font style and size. After this step is complete, the directory is edited.

Matters needing attention

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