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How can you remove waterproof glue stuck on clothes

2018-04-09 20:48:02

Prepare tools: toothbrush, soap, salt, washbasin, toothpaste. 1. Sprinkle the glue on the clothes with appropriate salt and smooth with your fingers. 2. Wait for a few minutes, dip a small amount of water with a discarded toothbrush, and scrub the glue on the clothes repeatedly. 3. After the glue becomes soft, dip the soap in a little water and evenly apply it to the parts with glue on the clothes, without applying too much. 4, again use a toothbrush with water and a small amount of toothpaste to wash the glue on the clothes, and brush evenly, for about 2 minutes, you will find that the yellow and white gradually faded. 5, finally, rinse with longevity scrub can be cleaned. Other glue removal methods: 1, the removal of universal glue stains on the clothing contaminated with universal glue stains, acetone or banana water droplets can be used on the glue stains, to use the brush repeatedly scrub, to be soft from the fabric to take off, and then rinse. Once not, can be repeatedly scrubbing several times, and finally can be washed. Do not use this method on fabrics containing acetate fibers to avoid damage to fabric. 2, the removal of white latex stains with 60 ° C liquor or 8:2 alcohol (95%) and water mixture, soak the white latex stains on the clothes, soak for about half an hour, you can scrub with water until washed, and finally rinse.