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How do beginners learn Guzheng

2018-03-03 17:36:00

How do beginners learn Guzheng


First, be interested in learning guzheng is a talent, interest is the best teacher, no interest in learning anything can not lift the spirit, will only waste time. Therefore, learning guzheng must be their own heart like, so as to learn better.


The second is to understand the Guzheng Guzheng is a very old Chinese Han nationality string instrument, a plucked instrument. Guzheng has beautiful timbre, wide vocal range, rich playing skills and considerable expressive force. The structure is composed of a panel, a zheng code, a string, a front Yueshan, a string nail, a tuning box, a foot, a back Yueshan, a side plate, a sound outlet, a bottom plate and a hole through the string. The shape of the zheng is a rectangular wooden sound box, the string frame "Zheng column" can move freely, a string and a tone, arranged according to the pentatonic scale, the most commonly used specification is 21 strings. One cannot make bricks without straw. Without a good guzheng, it is very difficult to learn guzheng well. It is recommended to choose everyone to buy guzheng, so that all aspects are guaranteed. Dunhuang, Yinmeier, Zhuque is a good choice. In Dunhuang, the guzheng has a bright tone and is more suitable for fast-paced music. Yinmeier guzheng, high school bass cohesion is excellent, the more the timbre play more charm. Suzaku Guzheng, the sound is particularly long, especially suitable for slow tempo tracks.


Third, to have a good teacher Guzheng as a musical instrument is not so easy to learn, it is very difficult to rely on self-study, so you need to find a good teacher. Teachers must be authoritative professional, if not professional, lay a bad foundation, later to correct, is very difficult. How to choose a teacher? Depending on the teacher's hardware and software, educational background and teaching level, the first choice is the guzheng professional teachers of major music colleges, and the second choice is the guzheng teachers of art departments of major colleges and universities and the guzheng teachers of music teaching majors in music colleges. Generally, it is not recommended to choose teachers who have not gone through orthodox and standardized music related learning and only have passed the guzheng level. A good professional teacher will ensure that you learn proper fingering, technique and music handling without going astray.


Fourth to arrange the time reasonably guzheng practice is a process of practice makes perfect, to practice more. To ensure that there are 1 to 2 hours of practice time every day, for beginners, do not let the fingers feel too painful, do not let yourself too tired, otherwise you will lose interest. If you enter the intermediate stage, you should ensure more than two hours a day. For the advanced stage, if you still want to improve, you can take about 5 hours. There is no strict rule, depending on the individual situation. This is very important. Kung fu is mostly in your hands, and no matter how talented you are, you can't play beautiful music.


Fifth Guzheng basic skills to solid suggestions at the beginning of practicing the piano, first pay attention to their sitting posture, hand type, and then begin to practice fingering (hook tuo Tuo, small pinch, up and down slide, trill), left and right hand to practice, if you feel that there is no reference and standard practice, may wish to buy a "daily finger practice" according to the practice, at the beginning without both hands to practice, separate practice, Close when cooked. After fingering practice, practice etudes or music, and each time you practice the piano, the practice of basic skills should account for one-third or more of the time.


Summary: No matter what you do, it is important to persist. I hope everyone can make good achievements in Guzheng study.