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How do children go to primary school?

2018-03-27 16:00:36

The right choice of a suitable primary school for the child is a key piece of the road for the child's future.


Rational mind


First of all, to go to primary school, you need to know that the current policy is that school-age children are enrolled nearby, it is necessary to understand that the school recruits students are divided into areas within the area and outside the area (children of agricultural workers), and the local government generally issues indicators to each school according to the source of students in the area, the index for a primary school is 500 freshmen, and the number of freshmen in the area is generally half or more. These indicators are arranged for children at the age of 6 to enter school nearby. But not live near can be enrolled, is based on the children and parents of the hukou location to determine whether it is the nearest school, generally require children and parents of the hukou must be in this jurisdiction for more than 5 years.


Next, when your child's account meets the requirements for nearby enrollment, that is to say, you can go to any school in this jurisdiction, not just one can report several more. Waiting for the schools in the area to announce the details, the time is generally at the end of June, early July. You need to prepare the hukou of the child and parents, the child's birth certificate, the child's vaccine certificate, etc., according to the announcement.


Then the school passes, and the exams are scheduled to take place intensively in one week. The exam is usually an interview. Here each school exam topics are different, but one thing, as a parent, you must understand, the exam invigilator teacher heart is very clear that these children have just graduated from kindergarten, know not much knowledge, do wrong is natural, then they face a whole day of numbness interview, more attention to these points: Whether the child will write his name, whether the child will calculate the addition and subtraction within 10 (if you, as a parent, have not added and subtracted within 10 at home, then you should pay attention to the choice of kindergarten for your child, public kindergartens do not teach the knowledge content of primary school textbooks, private kindergartens will let children learn the knowledge of primary school textbooks in advance.) Where the child reads the kindergarten (You have to understand that there are some schools between schools, a school has a direct kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, he will first his direct school students. Another is to prioritize placing good kindergartners into good classes.


Generally, the number of applicants exceeds the target, and the child's information (child and parents' hukou, child's birth certificate, child's vaccine certificate, neighborhood committee or issued certificate) is passed.


When you take your child to participate in the exam of several schools and receive a notice that the child has passed the exam, you need to consider which of these schools is the best primary school for the secondary school (now many places are in the secondary school, which is related to the child's secondary school, and it is not easy to choose a school after primary school, so you must carefully choose a good primary school; Which of the teachers is better (the secondary school mainly tests the children's Chinese, math and English ability, so choose a primary school to pay attention to the children's English training, the quality of language and number of excellent schools in the district); Which school to cultivate students' habits is the best (primary school is focused on cultivating children's habits, middle school is in good habits to lay a solid foundation sprint, parents can go to the school around the environment, look at the school after school, the words and deeds of students at school). At the end of August, the school will begin to issue admission letters or notification letters, and then you can enroll according to your final choice.

Matters needing attention

The above is about the children in the district to go to school need to pay attention to the problem. At the same time, because the policy of each region is different, please decide according to the actual situation.


Children must be at least 6 years old.