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How do coffee table worms do

2018-03-08 17:36:00

Long worm how to deworm tips




1, first take out the items in the furniture of the worm to clean, can not be cleaned in the sun to dry; The furniture should be wiped several times with disinfectant, and thoroughly ventilated and dried after wiping; Wood furniture that is borers or termites, can drop a trace amount of insecticide liquid (dichlorvos) into wormhole, can also be pounded into pepper or Sichuan pepper, stuffed into wormhole.


2. Apply paraffin oil to the moth-eaten place, and apply it continuously for 10 days. However, remember that cabinets and other tableware furniture can not use pesticides and paraffin oil.


3, if there are conditions, after the new purchase of furniture, it is best to paint a varnish on the surface of the wood without paint in the furniture, which can enhance the beauty and prevent insects.


4, in the decoration or after as far as possible spray insect repellent water, the purchase of pure wood furniture must be sure to be insect repellent treatment. In spring and summer, it is best to have mosquito nets when opening Windows. If white bugs appear, spray them.


5, paint treatment. For some corners that have not yet been damaged, brush the surface of the wooden cabinet with tung oil, worm paint or varnish, so that the moth is isolated from the air to achieve the purpose of moth prevention. It should be noted that when painting, the front and back sides and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet should be painted evenly.


6. Pharmaceutical treatment. When the wooden cabinet is damaged by insects, it can be used to mix diddlorvos and water in a ratio of 1:5 into the liquid medicine, and spray it fully with the sprayer, so that the liquid can penetrate into the wooden cabinet, and it must be sprayed 3-5 times continuously, after 8 hours, all the moth can be killed. After that, the wooden cabinet is washed and dried. 7. Rub with diesel oil. On a sunny day, put the worm-eaten wooden cabinet in place, and paint the wooden cabinet with a brush or cotton yarn dipped in diesel oil. Sun two or three hours and then apply once, and then sun, until you see the moth die in. Then wash and dry with laundry detergent.

Matters needing attention

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