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How do foreign trade enterprises expand the market through e-commerce

2018-03-16 20:48:21

The occurrence of the financial crisis has dealt a great blow to China's foreign trade enterprises, forcing them to turn their attention to the market. However, the market is not the same as overseas markets. In overseas markets, the amount of general orders is large, and enterprises only need to maintain fixed old customers. In the market, according to the traditional sales model, enterprises need to establish a huge terminal sales channel, formulate a systematic marketing strategy, and carry out brand communication to consumers. This has brought great challenges to many foreign trade enterprises. First of all, due to the different business models, foreign trade enterprises for marketing, usually lack of experience and no team. Secondly, according to the traditional marketing method to establish offline terminal channels to pay a lot of costs, the strength of the smaller enterprises often can not bear. In this case, for these foreign trade enterprises, e-commerce has become a good choice.


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Through e-commerce, enterprises do not need to spend huge costs to develop offline channels, just through the Internet can break the space restrictions, 24 hours directly face consumer groups, directly grasp the end consumer. The cost of building online is much lower than that of opening an entity offline. Moreover, because there are not so many restrictions as entities, e-commerce develops very fast, and with the help of online word-of-mouth communication, enterprises can quickly establish brand awareness and reputation. So, how should foreign trade enterprises develop e-commerce? First, we should give full play to our own advantages. We know that the advantage of foreign trade enterprises lies in production and good products. And a good product is the key to capturing consumers. Of course, the premise is to let consumers know about your product and experience your product. Therefore, when I do e-commerce projects for some foreign trade enterprises, I usually suggest that they adopt the current international popular "O2O marketing model", that is, "online network sales + offline entity experience" way, through the network to let consumers know our products, attract them to the terminal experience. If we only use traditional physical sales practices, we will have to rent in the prime road, and because of cost considerations, these areas simply cannot have enough space for consumers to experience our products. Through the way of "online sales + offline physical experience", businesses can solve this problem well. Because consumers already know about us through the Internet, we can open large experience Spaces in remote but much lower rent locations, so that consumers can fully experience the product, so as to play the advantages of our product. My previous consultant projects, creative fox dress, Moka Bacca home, used online and offline way, the effect is very good.


Second, be prepared for change. Foreign trade enterprises in the process of developing e-commerce, because of the new environment, often need to make some changes, including the change of concept, the change of business model and so on. Companies must be prepared for this. In addition, the development of e-commerce generally takes two years to get on track, and then the problem of rapid development will be met, so whether the follow-up funds are sufficient and whether the team building can keep up is crucial to the future development of the enterprise. As for team construction, enterprises can choose to outsource the project to professional e-commerce operations, or hire external e-commerce consultants to operate e-commerce projects for enterprises, and set up professional teams. Do not explore blindly by yourself, because this will make enterprises waste a lot of unnecessary time and cost.


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