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How do girls talk after work

2018-02-22 19:12:00

The right way to open a conversation with a girl. What is provided here is that you are a boy, and you like her, want to chase her, you can refer to my way.


Current relationship


How she feels about you


What I've always thought is that relationships are cultivated. Generally still thinking about how to talk to the other person, indicating that your progress is still 0 only under the condition that you and she know.


First you have to make the other person not hate you. Generally girls will hate that kind of love not clean point believe that now boys pay a little attention to their own appearance, no problem.


Money, talk about money, talk about feelings, don't talk about money. Keep relationships separate from money. Let's say a guy and a girl go out to dinner. If the guy offers to check out. Girls with high self-esteem or better family education will not like this way of handling you, especially when you are just beginning to contact. Of course, the girls who accept it with peace of mind, and the silly white sweet girls who don't understand anything, you have to distinguish clearly, which is what you want. This is the first one. So how do you deal with this situation. If you don't check out, the girl may feel good about it, but you also lose the opportunity to hang out with her next time. You can say, next time you invite me to eat, so that the girl is more acceptable, but also in her heart to bury a seed next time and you out.


If this girl, you're just getting to know her. In the beginning, you can now at work, more contact with her, more talk about work. Once you get familiar with one, you can talk about the others. It takes time to develop a relationship.


But after you have become familiar with her at work, you can analyze what kind of person she is from your chat, and there needs to be a transition from a work friend to a life friend. After becoming friends at work, you can talk about travel, and call a few people at the beginning, especially those she is familiar with. Later on, you will naturally become an indispensable part of her life

Matters needing attention

Don't hurry too much. Hurry too fast. It's the best thing you can do


If you find that she is not the person who can live with you for a lifetime, say early let go, don't delay you, but also hurt others