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How do I cut my back hair

2018-03-19 01:36:09

But now we choose to cut the back of the hair, such a hairstyle looks special personality, very ladylike temperament, now let's take a look at the back of the hair cut hair it.


A hand push (manual is fine, electric is too expensive)


A hair cutter


A pair of regular scissors


One comb thick and one comb thin


Choose a mirror that has two sides and can be held in place without hands


Clip the part of the hair with your fingers to determine the length of the hair.


The clipped hair per share should be flat and straight, and the clipped hair per share should pay attention to each other, that is, pay attention to the Angle of the clipped hair per share to avoid disconnection.


To understand the relationship between cutting Angle and level. Hierarchy refers to the arrangement of hair in order, and the ends of the hair have a certain slope, which is an important part of the hairstyle structure. The Angle at which the hair is trimmed is closely related to the level. Generally, flat fragment clippings form a low level or a level (also known as no level or stacked level), while vertical fragment clippings form a high level. Different parts of different angles of pruning form different layers. The top of the hair is clipped at different angles to create different layers.


The top hair upward vertical shape fragment horizontal shape trim, then form a more moderate level; If pruned upward, it forms a low level; Downward pruning forms a high level. The hair of the side wandering part is divided vertically to the side for simple cutting, and different angles form different levels. Trim vertically at 90° Angle, the level is more moderate; According to 45° Angle upward oblique cutting, then form a high level; When cut at 45° Angle, the level is low or stacked (one level).


The front is good to cut, according to the mirror in accordance with the shape of their own think on the line, the back part is more difficult, need two mirrors to look at, but also need to touch with the hand, I used to have only one mirror, is to touch the back of the hair, feel where the uneven cut down. Novice estimated that the first few times cut out not good looking, then let your parents or classmates to help repair it, should be cut 4 or 5 times after you can skillfully cut yourself


Wash and blow-dry your hair first. It'll take less effort. If you are a person whose hair is not thin, do not cut the shape first, but thin the hair first. Thin is to cut the broken hair scissors into the root of the hair so deep, the whole head evenly cut a few cuts, the same place do not repeat cutting, otherwise it will make a place green.


If you want to cut a sense of layer, you want a pinch of hair, it is necessary to cut the hair scissors oblique inserted into the same point a few consecutive cuts, so that the hair above the scissors will form a pinch, if you want to cut a fault as the level, then cut the hair root part of a row sweep past, and then sweep again, but the novice may not cut straight, the fault line is not straight.


Always take a comb and brush it to remove the cut hair.

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